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Colocation at centron: Affordable & Scalable Server Housing in Germany

Rely on quality and security – Your equipment in professional hands. Your server hardware in the best hands. Benefit from excellent infrastructure.
Incomparably favorable and scalable server housing in Germany.

Hochsichere Server-Technologien, präsentiert von Centron

1 height unit


plus VAT


Top Features

  • Electricity: €0.45 / kWh
  • Traffic: Resource based

Services included

  • Secure access (transponder & key)
  • 24/7 camera surveillance
  • 24/7 on-site service
  • Redundant network
  • Juniper backbone technology
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • DDoS protection
  • Early warning system
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • No minimum contract period
  • 30 days' notice at the end of the month
  • Bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, SEPA
  • Optional: AV contract

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Centron Fullmanaging: Rundum-Betreuung für Ihren Online-Auftritt

Redundant setup

We are also happy to offer you our housing services redundantly via two fire compartments or geo-redundantly in our data center network.

Mit Centron Colocation: Sicherheit und Effizienz für Ihre IT-Infrastruktur

centron backup

Always on the safe side: If you wish, we can integrate your server hardware into our backup environment.
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Optional performance


35.00€/15 minutes

35.00€/15 minutes


Die moderne Server-Infrastruktur: Ein Einblick in Centron's Technologie

On request

Spaprepart management

  • Different security levels: Level 1 - Medium protection requirement, Level 2 - High protection requirement
  • Possibilities: Ex. Individual server parts, Hard disks, RAM, RAID controllers, network cards, etc.
  • Whole server / network devices
  • Installation via remote hands

On request

Remote Hands

  • Reset of devices, de-energizing, manual power disconnections
  • Single part exchange after sending spare parts or from spare parts stock
  • Installation and dismantling of servers and other devices on customer's order
  • Network cabling
  • Receipt of goods
  • Return of devices or single parts
Die moderne Server-Infrastruktur: Ein Einblick in Centron's Technologie


Housing features

Anyone looking for high-quality IT space will find what they are looking for with us. You too can optimally benefit from our value-added services.

Centron Webhosting: Die nächste Generation des Online-Betriebs

Fast connection

Our redundant fiber optic backbone with multi-carrier connection ensures you an external connection > 40 Gbit.

Centron Fullmanaging: Rundum-Betreuung für Ihren Online-Auftritt


Thanks to the emergency power supply, diesel generator and two physically separate fire protection sections, your systems are always online.

Centron's moderne Server-Infrastruktur: Zukunftssicheres Hosting

24/7 surveillance

Centron's moderne Server-Infrastruktur: Zukunftssicheres Hosting

24/7 access

Firewall-Schutz auf dem nächsten Level: Centron Managed Firewall

Remote hands

All cloud computing resources and services are billed by the minute according to actual consumption. If you want to save pure capital and go long term, please contact our sales team.

Server-Infrastruktur bei Centron: Technologie, die überzeugt

Green IT

We operate our energy-efficient data center with cold/hot aisle containment and outdoor air cooling with 100% green electricity.

The security of your data is our top priority

In addition to our own rigorous safeguards, centron adheres to the published standards listed here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Optimale IT-Effizienz mit Centron Colocation-Diensten

When choosing a colocation provider, it’s important to consider factors such as location, uptime guarantees, security measures, pricing and service-level agreements, and the provider’s reputation and track record. All the things where centron delivers continuosly.

centron offers a range of services, from basic space and power rentals to more advanced services such as on-hands services for all your needs.

Migrating your servers to a colocation facility can be a complex process, and it’s important to work with a provider that has experience in server migrations. With centron, you can either send us your hardware, just deliver it yourself or install it yourself – whichever suits you best.

You will typically have remote access to your equipment through a web portal or other remote management tool. You may also have the option of hiring a remote hands service to perform physical tasks such as rebooting servers or replacing hardware.

Colocation facilities typically have multiple levels of redundancy, including backup power generators and redundant cooling and networking systems, to ensure maximum uptime. In the event of a disruption, centron has a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place to minimize downtime and data loss. Backup generators ensure that even in case of a major outage, your devices stay up and running.

centron Colocation comes in at 10 EUR / U. This can be enhanced by on-hands services at 35 EUR / 15 minutes in addition to storage spaces. These are fixed whereas power and traffic depends on your usage. For more information, visit our pricing page.

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