Create your own VPN server - Cloud VPN with centron

Take control of your privacy by quickly setting up a fast, reliable and easy-to-use VPN server in less than two minutes.

The most secure VPN server is the one you operate yourself

If you run one of our recommended open source VPN solutions on your own centron server, all your traffic is encrypted and no logs are recorded. Therefore, we cannot share this information with third parties.

Easy-to-install VPN servers for all experience levels

Manually installing and configuring your VPN's dependencies can take hours or even days. With Outline or our community tutorials, you can easily deploy open source VPN solutions that match your experience level and customization needs.

Total privacy

Prevent third parties from logging your traffic.

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Faster speeds

Accelerate your connection speed by using a CPU that is exclusively available to you.

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Affordable prices

ccloud³ VMs start from as little as € 3.35 / month, with only € 0.001 / GB outgoing traffic.

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Additional resources

centron's community tutorials and product documentation help you to quickly gain comprehensive knowledge about server software of all kinds, including VPN servers. Here is a small selection of the resources available.

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