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Remote Helpdesk

In order to provide you with practical support, we offer you the opportunity in our Support Center to connect us to your system using a remote diagnosis program.
Please note that this service is only available to you during our business hours by telephone arrangement.
Here is some useful information about our remote helpdesk service:

  • The connection is encrypted and established via a secure Internet server.
  • Our Support Center consultant cannot see your PC without your express consent.
  • Our Support Center consultant cannot work with you without your express consent.
  • No third-party programs are installed on your PC.
  • It is not possible to remove data from your PC unnoticed and without authorization.
  • You can end the joint session at any time.

Important: centron accepts no liability whatsoever for faults not caused by us, even if they occur close to the time at which the support was provided. The entire session can be recorded for control purposes.

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