Incremental, hourly cBacks for maximum security

Protect your data with hourly or daily automated disk images of your ccloud³ VMs. centron's backups are designed for simplicity and can be set up for the times that work best for you and your business.

Stay calm with regular backups

Back up your critical workloads hourly or daily to serve your customers without interruption, without the worry of innovating and better meet compliance requirements.

Reduce time and effort with fully automated cBacks that simply work

Incremental disk images and fast recovery – plus easy setup, management and monitoring – mean less time spent on backup management

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Customize cBacks to your requirements

Carry out your cBacks at a time of your choice at intervals of 1, 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours. 10 copies of cBacks offer you extended coverage.

Important features

Use snapshots, cBacks or the centron Managed Bakcup to back up your data at any time to restore your VM to a previous state.

Up to hourly cBacks

Back up your ccloud³ VMs hourly to get maximum protection for your critical workloads. We automatically keep the ten most recent daily cBack copies for you. We also offer daily file-level ccloud³ VM backups as part of Premium Full Managing, which are retained for four weeks.

Fast cBacks with modern storage infrastructure

Our new cBack and backup storage infrastructure uses incremental backup technology to back up only what you change.

Configurable cBack windows

Choose a time for your cBacks – you can restore your ccloud³ VM at any time along with any files, applications or databases running on it.


FrequencyNumber of cBacksRetentionPriceStart now
1 hour10free
3 hours10free
6 hours10free
12 hours10free
24 hours10free
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Improve your data protection strategy with on-demand snapshots of ccloud³ VMs.

centron Snapshots

Looking for next-level backups?

File-based backups with Premium Full Managing allow you to restore individual files or entire infrastructures.
restore entire infrastructures. Create and install a VM with Premium Full Managing now.

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Frequently asked questions

centron cBacks sind automatisch erstellte Disk-Images unserer virtuellen Maschinen, die ccloud³ VMs genannt werden. Die Aktivierung von cBacks für ccloud³ VMs ermöglicht automatische Backups auf Systemebene in täglichen oder stündlichen Intervallen, die eine Möglichkeit bieten, zu einem älteren Zustand zurückzukehren.

cBacks sind inkrementell. Die erste Sicherung der ccloud³ VM nach dem Einschalten der cBacks ist eine Vollsicherung. Danach wird jede Sicherung inkrementell durchgeführt, was Backups unglaublich schnell macht.

cBacks und Snapshots sind beides Disk-Images von ccloud³ VMs. cBacks werden automatisch stündlich oder täglich erstellt und können unendlich lang aufbewahrt werden. Snapshots werden manuell erstellt und so lange aufbewahrt, bis Sie sie löschen möchten.

Managed Backups als Teil von Premium Full Managing sind file-basierte Backups, während cBacks Disk-Images auf Systemebene sind. Mit Managed Backups können Sie einzelne Dateien wiederherstellen, was mit cBacks nicht möglich ist.