Offer your customers high-quality data analytics solutions

centron supports your data analysis company with advanced cloud solutions.

Enrich the offering for your customers with first-class data analytics solutions

With centron, your data analytics business gets comprehensive support with robust & powerful cloud infrastructure tools to drive your business forward. The offering includes event streaming and scalable object storage. Centron's solutions enable optimized infrastructure management so that more resources can be invested in customer care and business growth.

Cost-effective data streaming pipelines

Simply add a Managed VM to make more informed decisions in real time.

State of the Art Storage

Reduce website load times, improve performance and reduce bandwidth and infrastructure costs with assets cached on servers.

Simple setup and maintenance of databases

Start a database cluster with just a few clicks and access it via a simple user interface or API, or migrate your database.

Affordable outbound traffic - and free inbound traffic

Pricing for bandwidth starts at €0.001 per 1 GB of outgoing traffic. Incoming traffic is always free of charge.

Improve the customer experience with a reliable data analytics platform

Provide a superior customer experience with our easy-to-use platform, minimal downtime and intuitive products.

Overcome obstacles with dedicated support

Get free, personalized support or switch to paid plans for dedicated help and faster response times.

24/7 Support

Get email and phone support from experts with the knowledge you need to make sure you're covered around the clock.

What you get with centron

Control your spending with predictable cloud costs

Our predictable pricing and leading price-performance ratio contribute to a 156% ROI. Our prices are easy to understand, low and worth every penny.

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One cloud for your entire journey

Our high-quality product range is designed to accompany you on every step of your journey - from domains to virtual machines. We have everything you need to automate your software deployment.

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Dedicated support when you need it

Get free, personalized support or switch to paid Data Analytics Support plans for dedicated help and faster response times.

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