S3 Object Storage - Highly scalable and cost-effective object storage

Make the storage and provision of unstructured data simple, reliable and cost-effective with our S3-compatible object storage.

Scalable and cost-efficient object storage solution

centron S3 Object Storage complements local storage to help your business scale. Available from €0.02 / GB per month with unlimited traffic - inbound and outbound traffic to and from centron S3 Object Storage is always free.

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Performance without compromise

Especially for applications that require a high number of requests per second (RPS), centron S3 Object Storage ensures high performance for read and write operations, with up to 1500 RPS per client IP address - and is easy to use.


Use the large existing ecosystem of S3 tools, utilities, plugins, extensions and libraries to easily manage your centron S3 Object Storage.

Migrate your data easily to centron S3 Object Storage

Move data from other cloud providers to centron buckets with our preferred migration service. centron offers you the data transfer to easily migrate data between different cloud storage accounts to centron S3 Object Storage. You have two options:

Option 1: "Do it Yourself" (DIY)

Use the free trial version of centron and start a ccloud³ VM to facilitate data transfer.

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Option 2: Paid approach

Contact our sales team to transfer data from other cloud providers to centron S3 Object Storage.

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Scalable, fast and reliable storage with centrons S3 Object Storage

Store large data sets for training AI models

Reliably store large data sets required for big data analytics and train AI/machine learning models. Provide static web assets such as images, JavaScript, CSS, videos, text and time series data.


Object storage enables video streaming applications to deliver engaging experiences while avoiding buffering or stream crashes.

Software provision and file sharing

Object storage with a CDN enables faster and more reliable file sharing and downloads of software libraries and containers, regardless of size.

Storage of backups and logs

Archive backup and log files with capacity that automatically scales to easily store multiple files of any size - and you only pay for what you use.

Start with one bucket and scale up to hundreds.

Whether you need to store large data sets for big data analytics, train AI and machine learning models, deploy static web assets, optimize video streaming, share software and files or securely store backups and logs, centron's highly scalable and cost-effective object storage offers a flexible and cost-effective solution. Try S3 Object Storage now.

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0,02 € / GB / Month

Start with one bucket and scale to hundreds. Learn more about S3 Object Storage or talk to one of our sales managers to get started.

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