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centron understands how critical cloud infrastructure security is to your business, especially as you grow and scale. We offer customizable virtual machines and managed hosting with all the essential security features you need to ensure your application's web hosting is safe and secure.

Trust in the security of your hosting with centron

We take secure web hosting seriously and have invested in security features that allow you to focus on what's important: Building and growing your business. Our core products are designed with security in focus.

Virtual machines (ccloud³ VMs)

Our virtual machines are security-oriented. Use SSH keys to access your ccloud³ VMs directly from the terminal and benefit from cloud firewalls at no additional cost. Secure web hosting guaranteed!

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Premium Full Managing

Our managed hosting offer, Premium Full Managing, makes it easier for you to host your application and offers all the security features you need.

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Enjoy the best security features built into Kubernetes.

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Managed Server

Secure web hosting: Protect your data - and that of your customers - with our backup options (including automatic backups) for managed servers, connections via TLS/SSL for web traffic encryption, extensive authorization options and an application firewall.

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Secure web hosting through secure networking

Use your own virtual private cloud (VPC), cloud firewalls, load balancers and DNS at centron.

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Object Storage

Our S3-compatible object storage has integrated identity verification, data encryption and increased security as standard settings.

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Don't worry about the security of your cloud hosting

Secure web hosting with centron: Benefit from our numerous integrated security functions for secure web hosting and managed hosting at centron.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is secure web hosting?

Secure web hosting is provided by a web hosting service that emphasizes important security features that you may need as you grow your business.

Secure web hosting services are not guaranteed with every hosting provider. Research the hosting providers you're considering to make sure they offer the security features you need.

Some of these security features could include:

  • A dedicated server offering, where you can choose to have dedicated servers just for your business or application
  • SSL certificate or SSL certificates that ensure only users or administrators you approve can access your servers and applications
  • Virtual private server (VPS hosting), which ensures that your virtual server space is private and protected from other users on the shared hosting server, even with shared web hosting
  • Web application firewall to block unwanted or malicious traffic or access attempts
  • Other important website security features or advanced security options such as Secure Sockets Layer, secure servers, automatic backups, two-factor authentication, spam protection, DDoS protection (Distributed Denial of Service against unauthorized users, also known as DDoS attacks) and more

centron is a great option for secure web hosting as we offer all of the above web hosting security features and many general web hosting services.

How can I tell if the web hosting service I am using is using secure web hosting or secure hosting best practices?

There are many great hosting plans and hosting services out there, but not all of them will emphasize secure web hosting. centron does, and you can see this in all the secure web hosting service features we offer and include in our hosting service.

If you are considering a different web hosting service, look for the website security features mentioned above on that web hosting company’s website. If their web hosting service does not cover the best web hosting security practices and website security is important to you, you should look elsewhere for your hosting service.

Secure web hosting is complicated, which is why your web hosting provider must have experience in secure hosting.

What are SSL certificates?

An SSL certificate is a way to authenticate the identity of a website and enable an encrypted connection. The SSL certificate ensures that user data is secure and website ownership is verified - only an admin with an SSL certificate can make changes to your application or cloud hosting.

We strongly recommend finding a dedicated hosting provider that will provide you with an SSL certificate. Many web hosting companies offer this as part of the advanced security features that come with their hosting packages. centron's hosting packages are no exception.