Managed Firewall from centron

We secure your cloud infrastructure against cyberattacks. You determine which services are accessible on your ccloud³ VMs and can effectively block unwanted data traffic using Cloud Firewall and Cloud Managed Firewall.

Secure your staging and production deployments with Cloud Firewall and Cloud Managed Firewall

Cloud Managed Firewall: Define specific rules to allow selected types of traffic through to your ccloud³ VMs and block all others with an easy-to-use but effective managed firewall.

Adapts to your growth

Our Cloud Managed Firewall is designed to grow with your business. Once you have defined your filter rules, they can be easily transferred to new and existing ccloud³ VMs.

Protect multiple ccloud³ VMs together

Simply tag groups of ccloud³ VMs and the corresponding rules will be applied immediately.

Manage rules clearly

You can view all your cloud firewall rules in one centralized view. Add, edit or remove rules in one place to keep your entire infrastructure up to date.

Simple, flexible pricing

The pricing for centron's Cloud Firewall and Cloud Managed Firewall enables companies to cost-effectively protect their cloud infrastructure against cyberattacks by individually defining which services should be accessible on their ccloud³ VMs. The ability to effectively block unwanted traffic provides customers with a highly secure environment at a transparent and predictable cost.

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Managed vs Unmanaged

Cloud Firewall and Cloud Managed Firewall

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Cloud firewall and cloud managed firewall service from the experts:Resource-saving and always up to date

Today's cyber criminals are targeting your expertise and constantly using advanced attack methods to conduct professional industrial espionage. Their aim is to steal patents, high-tech products and other valuable intellectual property. Security breaches can damage your reputation, cause high costs and jeopardize the existence of your company.

State-of-the-art protection technologies used professionally.

Policy configuration tailored to your requirements.

Cost savings for maintenance and upkeep of a highly complex firewall system.

No need to train your own service staff in areas outside your company's core expertise.

Proactive management: The centron security operations team takes care of your firewalls according to the desired service level - if required, around the clock all year round.

Meaningful reporting on system status, user activity and current threats.

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