Configure and connect your IoT devices with centron's IoT cloud

Centron provides the cloud platform that supports your IoT or edge business. We make it easy to connect your devices and harness the power of the cloud so you can focus on building and scaling your technology. Our ccloud³ VMs and centron Kubernetes nodes offer uncompromising performance at affordable prices. Try our reliable, simple and scalable managed services today!

Our cloud infrastructure was designed with your requirements in mind

IoT companies have serious cloud requirements. Centron offers the products and services that can make your IoT business a success. Easily connect Internet of things and edge business with Centron's IoT cloud.

Premium Full Managing

Premium Full Managing means that centron takes care of your infrastructure. Backups, monitoring, updates and more.

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Power Pool ccloud³ VMs

We offer a wide range of virtual machines, ccloud³ VMs. Our Power Pool ccloud³ VMs are ideal for an IoT business that requires exceptionally fast speeds.

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24/7 Expert Support

Our experts are ready day and night to help you with your projects. Together with Premium Full Managing, you are in good hands even in an emergency.

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IoT Business-Ready Kubernetes

We offer easy to use Kubernetes, which is ideal for growing companies. Including IoT companies that are focused on growth and scaling.

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centron has a range of hosting solutions

Register now and learn more about ccloud³ VMs and the individual pools to find out which pool best suits your IoT needs.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is IoT (Internet of Things)?

IoT refers to technologies that are embedded in physical devices (e.g. smart home appliances). IoT applications have unique requirements, including device management, data storage, data transfer and security, device networking and cloud integration. Centron's services and solutions can support your IoT applications and provide your customers with the best possible IoT experience.

Which cloud provider should I use for my IoT devices?

For small businesses and startups, centron offers the simplicity and affordability that growing IoT companies need. Our open platform puts customers at the center and seamlessly integrates your business needs with our cloud infrastructure offerings. Configure and connect your IoT devices with centron's IoT cloud.