Cloud GPU for the AI-powered business

Powerful cloud GPU performance and reliable availability, combined with robust security tools and transparent monthly pricing with centrons ccloud³ VMs with Nvidia Cloud GPUs.

Revolutionize your cloud computing performancewith Nvidia GPUs

Unrivaled speed and performance for AI and graphics processing with ccloud³ VMs and centron Cloud GPU

Nvidia RTX 4000

The Nvidia RTX A4000 opens up new horizons in the working world by providing the performance and reliability needed to effectively manage projects from anywhere.


Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000

A comprehensive solution that combines professional graphics, powerful calculations and advanced AI functions.


Nvidia A 100 (40GB)

Comprehensive support for diverse workloads. The Nvidia A100 is an essential resource for anyone who wants to be at the forefront of technological innovation.


Nvidia A 100 (80GB)

In contrast to the Nvidia A100 with 40 GB RAM, the Nvidia A100 80 GB offers you maximum performance for your AI projects.


Create impressive AI/ML applicationswith NVIDIA A100 GPUs

Take your AI/ML applications to the next level by training and running your models on centron with NVIDIA A100 GPUs.

Sensational AI performance

Powered by a new NVIDIA Transformer Engine and fourth-generation Tensor Cores, the A100 delivers up to 9x faster AI training and up to 30x faster AI inference*.

Scale your models, not your costs

Combine eight A100 GPU nodes with up to 3.2 TBps GPU interconnect to train and run your most complex models.


Build with speed

Whether it’s large language models, object detectors, foundation models or other GPU-intensive models, centron makes it easy to set up a GPU instance in seconds.


*The data is based on test benchmarks from NVIDIA:

Simple, flexible pricing

A high-performance computing foundation with a wide range of cost-effective GPU and CPU instances and affordable storage options designed to help your business grow while keeping costs under control.

Our price list

Virtually unlimited computing power on demand.

Run your AI-powered business in the cloud with centron

Simple and powerful

Take your AI models from concept to production quickly and easily with intuitive tools and benefit from lightning-fast GPUs.

Transparent costs

With monthly fixed costs for more powerful GPUs, you can save up to 70% on computing costs.

Secure, reliable infrastructure

Our reliable high-performance cloud computing infrastructure is monitored around the clock, so you can focus on scaling your AI-powered business on an entire cluster powered by the latest NVIDIA GPUs – for fast AI and graphics projects.

Built for teams

Collaborate with teams to share progress in real time and manage server infrastructures easily and without restrictions.