Simple and reliable hosting for WordPress websites at centron

centron offers a simple and reliable cloud hosting solution that enables developers and companies to get their website or application up and running quickly.

Set up your WordPress website in just a few clicks

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) on the planet, with almost half of all websites on the internet being powered by this platform. centron makes it easy to set up your WordPress website with great web hosting options: Managed WordPress hosting


Premium Full Managing takes care of the operation of your WordPress website

Managed hosting from centron takes the worry out of running your WordPress website. Let centron manage your WordPress infrastructure so you can focus on growing your website. Get started today with a free hosting credit!

Lightning fast with few restrictions

Instantly improve your Core Web Vitals with faster load times, unlimited multiple websites, dedicated cloud servers, no WordPress plugin restrictions and no visitor limit in the tariff plans.

Protection with improved security

Benefit from SSL certificates, domains, automatic backups, regular security updates and SSH and SFTP access. Focus on your customers and clients instead of security.

24/7 expert support whenever you need it

centron offers support around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Use our support when you need help so that you can focus on your business and not on bugs.

Easy to operate and start

centron was developed to take the management of your infrastructure off your hands. Our simple dashboard is user-friendly and helps you to focus on the essentials: Your users and customers.

Not looking for a managed solution for your WordPress website?

centron also offers fully customizable virtual machines to run your WordPress website.

centron's features, products and resources are designed to help people get their applications and websites online quickly.

Simple server hosting for lean teams

Centron's simple user interface and API allow small teams to get started quickly without having to learn and manage complex infrastructure tools.

Predictable, favorable prices for scaling

Our transparent pricing model, industry-leading value for money and low traffic prices allow you to scale your high-traffic website without worrying about unexpected costs.

Robust product offerings to support your growth

Centron offers all the cloud products you need, from power-pool CPU-optimized virtual machines for fast and consistent performance to load balancing, virtual private clouds and Kubernetes.

Resources for removing development blockages

Our community tutorials, documentation and personalized customer support ensure that you are supported during the testing, development and scaling phases of your website.

Write to us, we have the right cloud solution for your WordPress website

WordPress website hosting tools to support building and scaling

centron offers all the infrastructure solutions that website developers need, from computing power to Kubernetes. The ccloud³ VMs, centron's virtual machines, are the ideal solution for WordPress website hosts who want to get started quickly with a flexible cloud hosting solution.

Get started now with affordable WordPress website hosting at centron

Save time and money while reliably serving your customers with the cloud infrastructure platform that is as feature-rich as it is easy to use.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system that allows users to easily create and manage websites. Centron offers affordable WordPress hosting that is specifically designed for users who want dedicated WordPress hosting features from their hosting provider. Centron is an excellent choice for WordPress hosting.

What is WordPress website hosting?

Web hosting services allow you to bring your applications (from one to unlimited websites) to the Internet. WordPress hosting is a hosting offer geared towards WordPress.

What is a web host?

Web hosts or hosting providers are companies that help you bring your applications (e.g. WordPress sites) to the Internet.

Why do so many websites use WordPress?

The reasons for choosing WordPress are many: the software is free, easy to customize with a wide range of templates and plugins, is regularly updated to counter security threats, and supports all media types, not just text. Due to the large number of developers, agencies and companies using WordPress, there is a high demand for affordable WordPress hosting.

Why should I choose centron for WordPress?

When it comes to WordPress hosting, the platforms may not differ much from each other, but centron's ccloud³ VMs are particularly user-friendly and easy to use, helping users to focus on building their dream website instead of spending hours setting up hosting. Centron offers affordable, reliable and fast WordPress hosting.

Who offers the best cheap WordPress hosting?

There are many providers of cheap WordPress hosting. We can't say who offers the best cheap WordPress hosting plans for your needs and budget. But Centron's ccloud³ VMs are an affordable option for WordPress hosting. We pride ourselves on not only being cheap WordPress hosts, but also offering some of the fastest WordPress hosting services.

Does centron offer a free domain name?

Centron does not offer a free domain name in its ccloud³ VM plans. We are a hosting provider that focuses on affordable WordPress hosting services.

Where can I find help after installation? (Support & Community)

There are two places to go for help if you have questions about installing your WordPress website on your ccloud³ VM:

centron Community:
Get your questions answered by expert developers and see answers to other users’ questions on almost any development topic.

centron Support:
Contact centron support for direct assistance from our robust, responsive support team who can help you with specific issues with your ccloud³ VM.

Where can I find the best cheap WordPress plans?

We may be biased, but we highly recommend you consider our hosting plans from centron and our WordPress plans on the ccloud³ VMs.