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With centron's selection of support plans, you get access to troubleshooting tips, personalized support and fast response times so you can get new products to market faster. Get the support your business needs to better focus on building your apps and serving your customers.

What is included in the centron support plans

If you opt for a managed server from centron, your projects will benefit from maximum performance and adaptability. Our qualified administrators take full care of the operation for you:


Premium Managed Services

0 €/month
From 28 € / 15 minutes
Response time
<24 h
<60 min
Support Agents
Severity coverage
Monthly pricing
Dedicated video call
Team of Business Advisors
Team of Technical Advisors
Ticket escalation
Fast troubleshooting and assistance
Architectural reviews and consulting
One-to-one onboarding
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Premium support is perfect for companies

Premium Managed Services - Get personalized support and direct advice for your business and technical needs from teams dedicated to the success of you and your customers.

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Boost your business with expert support services

Regular business reviews

We analyze your IT goals, unique IT use cases, spend and answer your questions to provide strategies and guidance. We help you achieve a higher return on your investment in centron.

Proactive decision-making

The opportunity to discuss product updates and future roadmaps with our internal teams and product managers to help you make better decisions for your IT.

Co-marketing opportunities

Conduct co-marketing initiatives with centron, such as case studies and joint webinars, to leverage our customer base to improve awareness of your brand and reach new prospects and customers.

Robust technical support services to resolve problems quickly

Premium managed services from centron

Fast troubleshooting and support

Get live support for business-critical situations, production issues or any other type of problem, regardless of severity, with a response in less than 60 minutes.

Support with the escalation of tickets

Have emergency tickets and issues escalated by our dedicated technical support team so they can be resolved as quickly as possible to minimize downtime.

Architecture reviews and recommendations

Get advice on how to improve your cloud usage with expert guidance for better resource allocation, cost optimization, security enhancements and other best practices.

Direct and individual commitment

Your dedicated support team will contact you by email and/or video conference. This way you will be supported in the way that suits you best.

One-to-one onboarding

Get guidance on best practices for new features or complex products like Kubernetes based on your familiarity with cloud infrastructure and your specific goals to ensure your long-term business success.

Simpler infrastructure monitoring

Work with our team to set up monitoring and other preventative maintenance. This allows you to take better informed action to optimize your cloud infrastructure.

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Find out about the status of centron services, easy-to-understand instructions and documentation that are accessible to everyone at all times.

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