Focus on the growth of your e-commerce company

Take care of your e-commerce business and let the experts at centron take care of your cloud hosting requirements.

How centron products help you deliver an ideal e-commerce experience

Processing thousands of transactions every day and serving even more customers requires a lot of time and resources for any e-commerce business. Focus all your attention on providing your customers with an incredible e-commerce experience and leave the day-to-day tasks of running your website and databases to us.

With managed hosting from centron, you have the support you need to run your website reliably.

Cost effective data streaming pipelines

Add Premium Full Managing and focus on growing your e-commerce business.

ccloud³ VMs - build on VMs that just work

centron’s virtual machines offer you the computing power and flexibility you need to create and scale your infrastructure.

centron Webhosting

A user-friendly interface and backend management by experts as well as support at all times take the hassle out of hosting.

centron S3 Object Storage - add additional storage

Affordable traffic – including free incoming data traffic – makes data storage easy.

Premium Full Managing

Hand over the management of your infrastructure to centron with a single click.

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What you get with centron

Grow with predictable cloud costs

Our predictable prices and leading price-performance ratio contribute to an ROI of 156%.

One cloud for your entire e-commerce journey

centron's product offering is designed to accompany you on every step of your journey - from domains to virtual machines.

Automatic backups on centron storage servers

With Premium Full Managing, you receive daily backups so that you remain operational in the event of an emergency.

Dream. Build. Grow.

E-commerce with centron - Save time and money while reliably serving your customers with the cloud infrastructure platform. Run your website with the managed cloud hosting solution trusted by thousands of agencies, developers and businesses.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is e-commerce hosting?

E-commerce hosting is web hosting for any online business (including e-commerce websites) that sells goods over the internet. E-commerce hosting providers are companies like centron that provide hosting for these e-commerce businesses. Centron offers a great hosting platform to launch e-commerce stores quickly.

Is e-commerce hosting different from regular web hosting?

Ecommerce hosting is not fundamentally different from web hosting or managed web hosting (web hosting provided by service providers like centron who manage your hosting for you). Ecommerce sites may need more from their ecommerce hosting than other types of businesses, such as better security, better customer support and better backups.

Who offers the best hosting?

There are many ecommerce web hosts offering ecommerce web hosting - there is no best ecommerce hosting solution. We may be biased, but we think centron offers great hosting for any ecommerce business, either through our virtual machines product, ccloud³ VMs, or through our managed hosting service.

Do I need e-commerce hosting solutions to launch my online store?

To run an online store, you need a hosting provider that offers e-commerce hosting solutions. Without a hosting provider, you will not be able to host your e-commerce website on the internet and start selling on your online store. However, choosing a hosting platform for your online store doesn't have to be a complicated process. Our managed hosting from centron is a great service for anyone who is starting an online store and wants all hosting to be managed by a trusted hosting provider.

centron can help your online store or e-commerce website to run and scale on the web with just a few clicks!

Is there a difference between e-commerce hosting and WordPress hosting?

While e-commerce hosting refers to web hosting for any e-commerce store, hosting for WordPress refers specifically to e-commerce hosting for a WordPress online store. Centron offers managed hosting specifically for WordPress websites, including online stores that use WooCommerce (so search for WooCommerce hosting). Whether you're looking for help with a general e-commerce store, WordPress or WooCommerce hosting, centron can help.

Does centron offer free SSL certificates or unlimited bandwidth with your solution?

Centron offers virtually unlimited bandwidth and many security features, including SSL certificates and automated backups.