Innovative prototype hosting solutions at centron

Secure and scalable cloud environments for your prototypes

Virtual machines for Prototype Hosting

Our ccloud³ VMs are the flexible and easy-to-use virtual machines your prototype application needs. ccloud³ VMs allow your apps to scale with demand, so you never have to worry about your underlying infrastructure or availability issues. We offer both cost-effective ccloud³ VMs with shared CPU and full-featured ccloud³ VMs with dedicated CPU.

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Build and scale your containerized application with centron Kubernetes. We help your application quickly harness the power of Kubernetes with our easy-to-use interface, one-click installs and flexible scaling options that integrate with our entire cloud offering. We also offer the control plane for free and enable quick migrations for centron Kubernetes users.

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centron S3 Object Storage

Ideal for Prototype Hosting: Try centrons S3 Object Storag, our S3-compatible object storage for all your data delivery and storage needs. From just €0.02 per month, you can store securely with built-in privacy and security options and free inbound and outbound traffic!

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Get started with prototype hosting now

Prototype hosting - Host your prototype website and applications cost-effectively and securely today.

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Prototype hosting with power: fast, reliable and made for developers

With Centron, you get lightning-fast loading times for your prototypes, which are essential for SEO rankings and a low bounce rate. Our customized prototype hosting for developers and open source projects that not only offers you speed and reliability, but also comes with a comprehensive package of services.

Our hosting offer includes unlimited disk space and data transfer to give your prototype the flexibility it needs. We also support your open source projects with a community that drives your development forward. With ccloud³ VMs, we offer you virtual machines that scale with your demand and guarantee high performance thanks to powerful CPUs. Kubernetes makes it easier to scale your containerized applications and integrates seamlessly into our cloud offering.

The security of your projects is guaranteed by our centron S3 Object Storage, which offers S3-compatible storage at cost-effective prices. You benefit not only from robust data protection functions, but also from free traffic.

Enter the world of high-performance prototype hosting at centron now and give your open source project and cloud solutions the digital home it deserves – fast, secure and supported by experts who understand what developers need.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is prototype hosting?

Prototype hosting refers to hosting for prototypes or apps that are in the early stages of development or testing. Often prototypes are untested ideas that require a developer to get feedback from actual users or customers before they can know if the idea has market potential or should generally be scaled up.

Sometimes prototype hosting can also refer to hosting specifically for class-based development powered by the javascript framework Prototype. centron's hosting solutions can also support websites built using this framework and utilizing its core functionality, such as custom transitions.

What tools do I need to build a prototype?

Developers who create prototypes use a very wide range of tools, not all of which we can cover in a short FAQ. However, if your goal is to give your application life on the web, you need to host it somewhere. centron offers great prototype hosting options for any application you want to create. We definitely believe that the best way to get feedback on the prototype you and your team create is to test it out in the world and see what user behavior your application elicits.

Which programming language should I use?

You can achieve your goal of creating a prototype using many different programming languages, from simple languages like HTML to more advanced languages like Python. We can't recommend the language you should code in or the tool or tools you should use, but centron will be here to help you deploy your application when it's ready to be used by real customers or developers. Prototype Hosting at centron, your first choice! Innovative prototype hosting solutions at centron