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Build your dev tools company with centron - with a reliable and robust cloud infrastructure specifically tailored to the needs of developers. Developer tools at their best!

How centron ensures that your dev tools are powerful and stay that way

Deliver high-quality developer tools or better utilize existing developer tools on the market with centron's simple, robust cloud infrastructure. We offer a wide range of virtual servers and hosting plans as part of our comprehensive centron cloud ecosystem and integrated services, including S3-compatible object storage. centron's cloud ecosystem has the capabilities you need to realize the full potential of your developer tools.

Reliable VMs

Choose from different ccloud³ VMs – from basic computing for simple applications to premium CPU-optimized virtual machines.

Simple setup and maintenance of databases

Benefit from worry-free database hosting for the most popular database tools.

Scale with Kubernetes

Scale seamlessly with centron Kubernetes, designed for enterprises and developer tools. Quickly familiarize yourself with Kubernetes with our extensive documentation and take advantage of the benefits of Kubernetes without excessive costs.

Building programmatically

centron’s API allows you to manage your affordable centron cloud ecosystem programmatically via traditional HTTP requests. Also discover our options for deploying infrastructure as code.

Dedicated support when you need it

Get free, personalized support when you become a centron customer. For even more intensive help and faster response times, switch to Premium Managed Services.

S3 Object Storage

Get reliable and affordable S3-compatible object storage with centron S3 Object Storage.

What you get with centron

Control your spending with predictable cloud costs

Our predictable pricing and leading price-performance ratio contribute to a 156% ROI. Our prices are easy to understand, low and worth every penny.

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One cloud for your entire journey

Our product range is designed to accompany you on every step of your journey - from domains to virtual machines. We have everything you need to automate your software deployment.

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Automatic backups

Schedule automatic backups with Premium Full Managing. Learn more about centron Managed Backups and the associated daily backups of your VMs.

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Start setting up your developer tools today

Are you ready to get started with centron? Sign up and deploy your first developer tools in just a few minutes, or contact our team using the form below if you need help migrating your infrastructure.

Our team of experts can help you get started with migration plans and advise you on how to scale your infrastructure.

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Your compass for developer tools with centron

Optimize your development with centron

centron provides developers with a customized, comprehensive platform designed for the efficient development and deployment of developer tools. Thanks to a robust cloud infrastructure that includes ccloud³ VMs, Kubernetes and S3-compatible object storage, developers can maximize the performance, scalability and efficiency of their tools.

These integrated solutions simplify management while providing the flexibility developers need to optimize their applications and services.

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Cost efficiency and support at centron

Centron guarantees cost-efficient use of the cloud with its predictable prices and excellent price-performance ratio. The ROI of 156% and the ability to set up automatic backups illustrate centron's profitability. In addition, we offer dedicated support to address individual requirements and help with the migration and scaling of your infrastructure.

Get started with centron to not only deploy and manage your developer tools efficiently, but also to benefit from a team that is with you every step of the way.

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