centron Advanced Monitoring: Seamless infrastructure monitoring

Track visibility metrics, monitor the performance of your ccloud³ VMs and receive alerts when infrastructure issues occur - no configuration required, seamless setup

Explore Advanced Monitoring

Stay up to date on server performance with infrastructure monitoring from centron and help ensure a smooth user experience.

Naturally integrated

Simply enable open-source infrastructure monitoring via the control panel or API to track performance, view metrics and set up alerts all in one place.

Real-time summary dashboards

Learn how your ccloud³ VMs perform over time and when you need to scale to improve the performance of your application with up-to-date visualizations.

Infrastructure monitoring - Quickly set up alarms for more peace of mind

Receive notifications when a metric - for any ccloud³ VM or group of ccloud³ VMs - exceeds your defined threshold and when critical issues occur in your infrastructure.

Simple, flexible pricing

Centron's Advanced Monitoring enables cost-effective monitoring of your ccloud³ VMs through its flexible pricing by providing customized monitoring solutions without additional configuration effort. Customers benefit from immediate alerting of infrastructure issues and full visibility of performance metrics to ensure optimal system availability.

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Advanced Monitoring by centron

Infrastructure monitoring at its best, equipped for all eventualities.

Set up alarms easily

The following channels can be set up for notifications:

  • SMS
  • E-Mail
  • Mobile Push with ServerGuard24 App

Clear monitoring

Several graphics allow you to monitor the following:

  • CPU utilization
  • Hard disk usage
  • Hard disk I/O (in megabyte/s)
  • Bandwidth (in Mbit/s)
  • Physical RAM used

Getting the most out of infrastructure monitoring

Learn more about advanced monitoring and creating a highly available infrastructure with the help of step-by-step instructions.


How to set up monitoring alarms.

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First steps

An introduction to the monitoring of centron.

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Glossary of centron monitoring terms and metrics.

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