Contingents - Optimize your infrastructure costs with centron

Save up to 30% on selected centron resources. Ideal for long-term infrastructure planning.

Benefit from considerable cost savings

With a defined usage commitment, centron users can reduce their expenses for ccloud³ VMs & more by up to 30%.

Automatic reduction of your invoice

A quota is automatically applied to all qualified usage. This means you can easily reduce costs without having to make manual adjustments.

Innovate faster by using the latest technologies

At centron, customers can continue to benefit from savings while using the latest ccloud³ VM generations and other advanced services.

How it works:

Customers can commit to using a certain number of hours of resources over a period of one to three years. At centron, this model can be applied to various services such as ccloud³ VMs.

Centron Managed Cluster: Performance auf höchstem Niveau.

Transparent pricing for your infrastructure

12 Months

-10 %

24 Months

-20 %

36 Months

-30 %

Simple, flexible pricing

With centron's contingents, customers can significantly optimize their infrastructure costs by saving up to 30% on selected resources, making them particularly attractive for long-term planning. This pricing strategy offers an effective way to make budgets more efficient while accessing high-quality infrastructure services.

Our price list

Reduce the price of your infrastructure with these resources

ccloud³ Worker Pool

During the creation of your Worker Pool Virtual Machines in a contingent, you receive a direct discount depending on your term.

Volumes Block Storage

Connect secure and scalable SSD-based block storage to the ccloud³ VMs in your contingent if you need more storage space.

ccloud³ Power Pool

More performance for less money – create your ccloud³ Power Pool Virtual Machines in your contingent and secure your runtime discount.

High Availability

High availability with 99.95% uptime SLA. With real-time replication, you can be sure that the HA virtual machines in your contingent are always available.


Expand your IT team with centron support hours. As part of a contingent, you save money on 24/7 expert support.

Expand your IT team with centron support hours. As part of a contingent, you save money on 24/7 expert support.

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