Simple and affordable cPanel hosting at centron

centron offers a simple cPanel web hosting service powered by ccloud³ VMs, our Linux-based virtual machines.

Create your website with a popular cPanel web hosting provider

cPanel is a popular Linux-based web hosting control panel that allows developers to easily manage their website and servers via a graphical user interface (GUI).

Centron ist ein Webhosting-Anbieter, der es Ihnen ermöglicht, cPanel einfach auf unseren Linux-basierten virtuellen Maschinen zu installieren. Sie können eine Ubuntu-VM mit cPanel in nur wenigen Klicks mit centrons cPanel-Hosting-Diensten erstellen. Sie benötigen eine cPanel-Lizenz, um cPanel nach der 15-tägigen kostenlosen Testversion weiterhin nutzen zu können.

Powerful cPanel hosting for websites and applications

Centron's ccloud³ VMs provide VPS hosting that supports cPanel web hosting and are customized for a range of use cases. We offer multiple configurations with both Shared CPU and Dedicated CPU.

Worker Pool ccloud³ VMs

Centron Worker Pool ccloud³ VMs are available as both Intel and AMD servers. These VMs start from just €3.35 / month and are ideal for applications that can handle variable CPU levels.

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Power Pool ccloud³ VMs

Power Pool ccloud³ VMs are ideal for applications such as video streaming, game server hosting and others that require fast performance.

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High Availability Pool ccloud³ VMs

High Availability Pool ccloud³ VMs are designed for business-critical applications. With our highest SLA of 99.95%, you are safe from unexpected outages.

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Dedicated Core ccloud³ VMs

Dedicated Core ccloud³ VMs have a dedicated CPU and a balanced memory to CPU ratio and are best suited for production workloads that require dedicated performance.

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Cloud GPU ccloud³ VMs

ccloud³ VMs equipped with an Nvidia GPU are perfect for machine learning, virtual desktops and AI.

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Get the most out of your cPanel hosting

centrons cPanel hosting offers the simple cPanel web hosting solution at a cost-effective, predictable price.

Faster delivery with simple tools

centron's easy-to-use cloud control and API are designed to help you set up and operate your infrastructure quickly and easily.

Grow with a comprehensive product portfolio

In addition to Linux hosting via virtual machines, centron offers managed servers, Kubernetes, block storage, object storage, load balancers and other cloud products.

Get dedicated support to remove obstacles

centron offers excellent customer support for all customers, with paid plans for those who need even faster responses and hands-on assistance in cPanel.

Build on a reliable, global platform

Build your applications on a reliable platform with a 99.95% uptime SLA for ccloud³ VMs and 5 global data centers so you can serve your audience worldwide.

Get started with cPanel hosting today

Centron is one of the best web hosting providers available today - get started and see for yourself why so many users love our simple products and cost-effective solutions

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a Linux-based control dashboard that allows developers and other website or application builders to manage their web hosting using an intuitive graphical user interface instead of executing complex commands via the Linux command line.

What is cPanel hosting?

cPanel hosting is web hosting on a Linux-based virtual machine or virtual server that contains an installation of cPanel to manage the server.

What are centron's cPanel web hosting plans?

Centron offers several web hosting plans for ccloud³ VMs on which cPanel hosting can be installed.

What are the best cPanel hosting solutions?

There are many cPanel hosting solutions available, and the best cPanel hosting service is the one that best fits your unique needs.

Does centron offer a free domain name or free SSL certificates?

Centron does not offer free domains for your cPanel hosting, but allows you to easily create your domain at centron.

Does centron offer WordPress hosting?

Centron offers WordPress hosting via our ccloud³ VMs on which WordPress can be installed.

Which products does centron offer in addition to cPanel web hosting?

Centron is a web host that offers a comprehensive range of solutions in addition to cPanel hosting, including managed servers, Kubernetes, block storage, object storage, load balancing and firewalls.