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centron offers a wide range of VPS hosting options to suit every need.

VPS hosting options

centron offers a range of VPS hosting options for anyone who needs simple and cost-effective computing power for their projects. VPS hosting is provided via ccloud³ VMs, centron's virtual machines. There are several types of ccloud³ VMs for use cases ranging from personal websites to highly scalable applications such as video streaming and gaming applications. You can choose between Worker Pool, Power Pool, or High Availability offerings based on your expected needs. Learn more about how to choose the right VPS offering for your use case.

Worker Pool ccloud³ VMs

Centron Worker Pool ccloud³ VMs are available as both Intel and AMD servers. These VMs start from just €3.35 / month and are ideal for applications that can handle variable CPU levels.

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Power Pool ccloud³ VMs

Power Pool ccloud³ VMs are ideal for applications such as video streaming, game server hosting and others that require fast performance.

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High Availability Pool ccloud³ VMs

High Availability Pool ccloud³ VMs are designed for business-critical applications. With our highest SLA of 99.99%, you are safe from unexpected outages.

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Dedicated Core ccloud³ VMs

Dedicated Core ccloud³ VMs have a dedicated CPU and a balanced memory to CPU ratio and are best suited for production workloads that require dedicated performance.

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Cloud GPU ccloud³ VMs

ccloud³ VMs equipped with an Nvidia GPU are perfect for machine learning, virtual desktops and AI.

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Start with VPS hosting at centron

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is a VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine that replicates the experience of a dedicated physical server. A physical server is “virtually” split so that multiple users can create their own virtual servers on a physical server. Although multiple VPSs are hosted on one physical server, each VPS is completely private and can run independent operating systems and has its own dedicated storage. Many VPS hosting solutions offer dedicated CPU, or for low traffic applications, users can choose a VPS with shared CPU at a lower cost. VPS hosting is more cost-effective for the majority of organizations than buying, configuring and maintaining physical servers. Additionally, users can quickly scale their virtual private servers by either adding storage to a single VPS or creating additional VPS instances with their preferred VPS provider.

What is the difference between VPS and shared hosting?

Shared hosting is another popular method of hosting websites and applications and differs from VPS hosting in some important ways. With shared hosting, a user shares most of the resources, including memory and CPU, with other websites or applications on the host. This can lead to a decrease in performance if another application experiences an increase in traffic. Using a shared hosting solution also does not provide users with root access to the server, which means you have less control over your server. VPS hosting provides users with a fully dedicated virtual server with root access. Although your VPS is on the same physical machine as other virtual private servers, you have much more control over the configuration of the server and do not have to share resources with others.

For which projects can I use VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is private, secure and provides users with dedicated resources and control over their virtual machines. Almost any type of website or application can benefit from using VPS hosting today, especially when using a provider like centron, which offers a range of options for CPU-intensive, memory-intensive and disk space-intensive applications. While very low-traffic applications such as personal websites can utilize shared hosting solutions, VPS hosting offers all users more control over their server configurations. Some common applications for VPS hosting include:

  • Website and blog hosting
  • eCommerce stores
  • video streaming
  • Gaming platforms
  • Software as a service solutions
  • databases
  • Microservices
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence

What happens if I need help or no longer require VPS hosting?

If you need help with your VPS hosting, centron offers excellent support and a wide range of tutorials and documentation to help you with your setup. You can get help setting up and maintaining your VPS instance through our community tutorials, by asking a question to other centron users or by contacting our dedicated support team. centron's simple user interface makes it easy to update, add or remove virtual servers directly from your account. If you no longer need a virtual private server solution, you can easily cancel your VPS hosting plan.

Which operating systems does centron's VPS hosting support?

centron's virtual private servers support Linux and Windows operating systems. Choose from popular operating systems such as Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian or upload your own custom operating system or virtual device using our custom images feature.