Let centron run your CI / CD pipelines

Ensure smooth and reliable Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) processes and infrastructures on centron. Our DevOps-friendly experience empowers you to automate everything. Set up automated pipelines with ease and reduce your development cycle while improving product quality.

Deliver high-quality code quickly with centron

Choosing the right hosting provider for your CI/CD processes (CI/CD pipelines) can be critical to the success of your business. Our simplicity, scalability, affordability, high performance and security can help make your CI/CD workflows seamless. Unlock the full potential of your CI/CD pipelines and deliver your code quickly, reliably and efficiently with centron.

Simple and user-friendly virtual machines (VMs)

Create and configure ccloud³ VMs in a few clicks, designed to help you manage your infrastructure, even without extensive DevOps experience.

Scale automatically with centron Kubernetes

CI / CD pipelines need scalable infrastructures to handle fluctuating workloads and enable growth. centron Kubernetes scales large workloads seamlessly and keeps your costs in check.

Automate and optimize for peak performance

Automate your infrastructure, provisioning and faster deployment to get the most out of your cloud. Switch from slow provisioning cycles to automatic releases after every commit. We offer SSD-based storage and powerful processors to reduce your build and deployment times.

Security you can rely on

We place great emphasis on security and offer features such as firewalls, private network and encrypted storage. We can offer you security and peace of mind for your CI/CD workflows.

What you get with centron

CI / CD Pipelines

Control your spending with predictable cloud costs

Our predictable pricing and leading price-performance ratio contribute to a 156% ROI. Our prices are easy to understand, low and worth every penny.

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One cloud for your entire journey

Our product range is designed to accompany you on every step of your journey - from domains to virtual machines. We have everything you need to automate your software deployment.

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Dedicated support when you need it

Get free, personalized support or switch to paid plans for dedicated help and faster response times.

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Increase the efficiency and quality of your software development with reliable CI / CD pipelines at centron

Our platform offers a seamless integration and delivery solution specifically designed to shorten the development cycle through automation while improving product quality. With centron, you can set up automated pipelines in just a few steps and benefit from a DevOps-friendly experience that covers everything from code deployment to infrastructure management. Our solutions, including ccloud³ VMs and centron Kubernetes, allow you to effortlessly manage and scale your infrastructure to meet the needs of your business.

In addition, centron places great emphasis on security, with features such as firewalls and encrypted storage to ensure you and your CI/CD workflows are protected and secure. With predictable cloud costs and a leading price-performance ratio, centron offers a cost-effective solution that supports you at every step of your development journey. Discover the ultimate solution for fast, scalable and secure CI/CD pipelines with centron and get your software delivery automation up and running.

Get started now and take advantage of our promotional offer to get off to a flying start with €100 credit. Choose centron for your CI/CD pipelines and experience how easy and efficient software development can be.

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