Web and mobile apps with centron

Fast setup and reliable operation of web and mobile app backends with our user-friendly, production-ready cloud platform.

Power your application with our infrastructure

If you're developing a web or mobile app, you need to develop and deploy your app quickly. centron provides the cloud computing services you need with predictable pricing, comprehensive documentation and scalability to support your application as it grows.

Fast and flexible computing

centron's platforms are not only easy to use, but also offer first-class Intel & AMD processors that run your app at high speed. With centron, choose whether you want to run your app directly on VMs or Kubernetes.

ccloud³ VMs (IaaS)

Manage your app directly on our VMs. Choose between Worker, Power, High Availability or Managed VMs. Start ccloud³ VMs with your choice of Linux or Windows operating system in 55 seconds or less.

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centron Kubernetes (KaaS)

Start a Kubernetes cluster in just a few minutes and run your app as microservices with Docker containers. Scale up or down as required.

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High Speed Storage

Your app may require terabytes or even petabytes of storage space for user data, files or content. We offer durable, secure object and block storage as a usage-based service.

centron S3 Object Storage (Object Storage)

Store huge amounts of data in five global data centers with S3-compatible tools.

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Volumes (Block Storage)

All ccloud³ VMs have local SSDs for super-fast operations. Volumes allow you to add additional, highly available and scalable SSD storage as required.

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Utilize the potential of your web and mobile apps with centron

Centron is your platform of choice for rapidly building and reliably running web and mobile apps. With our easy-to-use cloud platform ready for immediate production launch, you can take your applications full speed ahead. We support the dynamic lifecycle of your app from development to launch with scalable cloud computing services, transparent pricing and detailed documentation.

Speed and flexibility with powerful Intel & AMD processors

Benefit from the speed and flexibility of our powerful Intel & AMD processors that guarantee smooth execution of your app. Whether you choose VMs or Kubernetes, centron gives you the freedom to choose the best environment for your application requirements.

Full control with ccloud³ VMs (IaaS)

With our ccloud³ VMs (IaaS), you have control over your app in the cloud and can choose from a variety of options to meet the specific requirements of your web and mobile apps. Our high-speed storage solutions ensure you can meet even the most extensive data storage needs, while our centron S3 Object Storage and Volumes (Block Storage) give you the scalability and reliability you need to manage large amounts of data.

Web and mobile apps with centron

Choose centron for a secure and scalable cloud solution that grows with your business and catapults your web and mobile apps into the cloud. Get started today and experience how easy it is to create innovative digital experiences with centron.

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