Rethinking the public sector: centron digitizes & optimizes administrative processes sustainably

Revolutionize Public Sector Services with centron Cloud Technology

Modern, efficient, future-oriented – This is what modern administration looks like. The sustainable, german solution for the modernized public sector.

Mit Centron zu maximaler Datensicherheit im Webhosting


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centron allows government agencies to deliver services more efficiently

Ensure ReliableAccess to Critical Data

The cloud for the securedigitalization of the public sector

The importance of an effective administration as a location element is rising. It is becoming more and more important to keep moving away from paper and presence and toward digital processes for acceptance by citizens and the economy. A few examples are automatic data sharing with businesses or educational institutions, virtual visits to public officials, the use of new media in the classroom, and the intelligent infrastructure of smart cities.

Use taxpayer money wisely

As the technical foundation for putting these many criteria into practice, cloud technology is essential. In addition to data security and protection, a cutting-edge cloud must also have a sustainable operation and be easily accessible – Rethinking the public sector: centron digitizes optimizes administrative processes sustainably.

Keep sensitive data safe and secure

As a customer in the public sector, you can count on the centron ccloud³ to provide you with a technically superior infrastructure that complies with the GDPR.

Server-Infrastruktur bei Centron: Technologie, die überzeugt

The professionals on our team are eager to hear from you

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The professionals on our team are eager to hear from you.
Federal, state, and local – and their particulars on matters like duties and tenders: the public sector needs specialized skills. Your inquiries regarding testing, reservations, and use will be addressed by our public specialists. Give it a go!

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In addition to the unrivaled control of dedicated hosting,
you’ll enjoy a wide variety of impressive features and benefits.

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3 good reasons

Why the centron ccloud³is the ideal solution for the public sector

In addition to the unrivaled control of dedicated hosting, you’ll enjoy a wide variety of impressive features and benefits.

Server-Infrastruktur bei Centron: Technologie, die überzeugt

Data protection with stringent standards

More efficiently share and use even the largest media files. Edit, create VFX, process, render, and manage assets any time, from anywhere. Securely archive assets when complete.

Server-Infrastruktur bei Centron: Technologie, die überzeugt

Zero outage through high availability

Grow (or shrink) as projects ramp up and down, without risk. No need to guess at your future capacity requirements. No traditional storage re-purchase cycle, no disruptive upgrades or data migrations.

Server-Infrastruktur bei Centron: Technologie, die überzeugt

Green Energy

Your data is stored on dedicated hardware and protected with in-flight and at-rest encryption. Also, because you manage your keys, only you control access to your data


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Citizens count on you to provide critical, sometimes lifesaving, services. Reliable access to data is critical to fulfilling on your mission. The centron ccloud³ enables you to modernize your agency’s approach to data storage and management, ensuring greater access and availability, lower costs, and an end to data silos and migrations.

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