ccloud³ VMs: Fast, reliable and security-oriented virtual machines

Benefit from reliable uptime with our 99.95% SLA, simple security tools and predictable monthly pricing with centron's virtual machines, the ccloud³ VMs. Flexibility and security for your cloud infrastructure.

Seamless setup and dynamic scalability

Maximize efficiency and flexibility with ccloud³ VMs

Easy deployment and management of your ccloud³ VMs

Interact with your ccloud³ VMs however you want. Our intuitive user interface & API make managing your virtual machines easy.

Reliable scaling when your demand changes

Scale one ccloud³ VM (vertically) or horizontally with many of them. Deploy exclusively in ISO 27001 certified centron data centers.

Build, monitor and secure your apps with less cloud cost

Benefit from exceptional traffic prices at 0.001 € / GB – plus monitoring and firewalls.

Save 50 % with an ROI of 186 %

Reduce cloud computing costs by 50%, increase productivity and achieve anROI of 186% by running your business on centron instead of hyperscalers.Discover how startups and SMBs are harnessing the power of cloud computing.

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Simple enough for every user, powerful enough for fast-growing companies.

Worker Pool (2.7 - 3.4 GHz)

For critical apps

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

High-traffic Web Servers

E-commerce sites

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Power Pool (3,5 GHZ +)

For CPU intensive apps

Media Streaming

Data analytics

Batch processing

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High Availability

For maximum reliability

Real-time replication

Ideal for minimal downtime

Ideal for business use cases and web applications

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Dedicated vCPU

For extreme workloads

Business Applications

Ideal for high production workloads

Ideal for high network and CPU utilization

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Short tour through ccloud³ VMs

How does it feel to start a ccloud³ VM? Take a short tour to see how easy it is to create a ccloud³ VM.

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Most users start with Power Pool ccloud³ VMs

We offer a wide range of shared and dedicated vCPU ccloud³ VMs. Take a look at our recommendations to choose the right ccloud³ VM for your workload.

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Would you like an even more comprehensive cloud infrastructure?

Premium Full Managing turns your ccloud³ VM into a managed server. centron takes care of the setup, backups, monitoring & updates so that you don’t have to worry about your infrastructure.

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Join the many companies that save 50% or more with centron

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Basic VM costs

Simple, fast and flexible computing for all requirements

2 vCPUs, 8GB RAM, 80 GB Storage, 4000 GB Traffic

Our prices
Ein Centron-Logo auf grünem Hintergrund mit ccloud-Design.

€ 12,76

With traffic: € 16,76

Centron: Technologie für morgen, heute verfügbar.

€ 25,56

With traffic: € 341,00

Adobe ccloud Adobe.

€ 28,18

With traffic: € 370,92

AWS-Logo auf einer grünen Wolke.

€ 28,18

With traffic: € 317,63

Do more with tools that help you save time!

Managed Server

Hand over the necessary tasks to us. We take care of setup, monitoring, backups and updates. Perfect for fast-growing companies.

Cloud Firewalls

Easily secure your infrastructure with cloud firewalls and define which services are visible on your ccloud³ VMs. Perfect for security-oriented staging and production deployments.


As part of Premium Full Managing, you receive the complete, daily backup of your VMs according to the G-V-S principle – so that you are prepared for the worst-case scenario.


Snapshots are on-demand disk images of your ccloud³ VMs that you can keep indefinitely and use to reset new ccloud³ VMs.

Volumes Block Storage

Connect secure and scalable SSD-based block storage to your ccloud³ VM when you need more storage space and don’t need the extra performance of a second VM.

S3 Object Storage

Store and deliver large amounts of content with S3-compatible centron S3 Object Storage.


Gather visibility metrics, monitor the performance of your ccloud³ VMs and receive alerts when problems occur in your infrastructure.

Load Balancer

Distribute incoming traffic to a group of ccloud³ VMs and increase the availability of your application with load balancers

Zusätzliche IPs

Avoid single points of failure by assigning publicly accessible static IP addresses to ccloud³ VMs that allow you to redirect network traffic between all your ccloud³ VMs in the same data center.

High Performance Architecture

The centron Managed Cloud ccloud³ is built for the most demanding workloads.
See for yourself why not all clouds are created equal.

Single Core with 4GB RAM

centron - 1487
IONOS - 931
Hetzner - 805

The centron ccloud³ infrastructure with AMD Epyc and Intel Xeon processors for the doployment of all VM sizes delivers significantly higher Geekbench performance scores. Our power pools guarantee you a clock rate of at least 3.5 GHz and take your benchmarks to the next level.

84% faster

3,5 GHz Power Pool Singe Core Geekbench

59% faster

3,5 GHz Power Pool Single Core Geekbench

Deploy your ccloud³ VM with one of these available distributions!

Distributions in ccloud³

Deploy your ccloud³ VM at centron with your preferred distribution.






Premium Full Managing

We support these operating systems as part of Premium Full Management.




Cloud computing: security and scalability

centron ccloud³ summarized

You can increase your business potential optimally and efficiently with our cloud infrastructure, which offers advanced cloud computing services and cloud storage options. Use managed cloud services for optimal cloud security, including cloud-based data storage and cloud-based firewalls. Our solutions such as Cloud Kubernetes and Cloud Computing Storage provide a robust platform that adapts to your needs.