Simple and scalable game server hosting

Centron offers cost-effective, scalable game server hosting solutions that allow you to build your game quickly and expand as your game and business grows. With Centron's simple and intuitive tools, low traffic prices and a strong community, you can focus on growth while we take care of the infrastructure.

How centron can help your game to rise

Simple game server hosting for lean teams

Centron's simple user interface and API allow small teams to get started quickly without having to learn and manage complex infrastructure tools.

Predictable, affordable prices for scaling

Our transparent pricing model, industry-leading price-performance ratio and affordable bandwidth pricing allow you to scale your network-intensive game without worrying about unexpected costs.

Robust product offerings to support your growth

Centron offers all the game server cloud products that game developers need, from power-pool CPU-optimized virtual machines for fast and consistent performance to load balancing, VPCs and Kubernetes.

Resources for removing development blockages

Our community tutorials, documentation and personal customer support ensure that you are supported during the testing, development and scaling phase of your cloud infrastructure.

Game server tools to help you develop and scale your game


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Network Solutions

Get access to load balancing, virtual private clouds, managed servers and Kubernetes.

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Storage Options

Use flexible storage with centron S3 Object Storage and Volumes Block Storage.

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