Reliable and affordable data streaming cloud service

centron provides fast, consistent and scalable data streaming hosting so you can focus on building your streaming data application and growing your business. centron offers simple and intuitive tools, affordable pricing and robust support so you don't have to worry about your infrastructure and can focus on delighting your customers.

Centron helps your streaming data service succeed with extensive computing power

If your big data company needs to process and analyze huge amounts of data, you need first-class computing power. With centron, you can run your data streaming jobs directly on our virtual machines, ccloud³ VMs, or via our Managed Kubernetes offering.

Virtual machines

Centron offers a variety of options for virtual machines (ccloud³ VMs) to suit your needs: Worker Pool, Power Pool and High Availability. Start a data streaming ccloud³ VM today.

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centron Kubernetes

Data streaming with centron: Create a Kubernetes cluster in seconds. Use the power of containerization to easily scale your app.

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Centron offers you the building blocks for big data storage

Storing and retrieving your data should be easy and affordable. Centron offers infrastructure and storage technology to build and operate your big data workloads.

centron S3 Object Storage

Store your extensive data in one of our global data centers with S3 compatibility. Use your CDN to improve your retrieval times and make it easier to manipulate your data.

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Volumes Block Storage

Our volumes for data streaming make it easy for you to scale your application by providing additional, scalable SSD storage on demand.

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Choose the data streaming framework that suits you best

Once you have set up your infrastructure, you can deploy the big data framework that best suits you and your business. Many other Centron customers use Apache Hadoop or Apache Spark.

Apache Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is a very popular batch processing framework used by many successful data-oriented companies.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark offers both batch and stream processing with full in-memory computing and processing optimization.

Start data streaming with centron today

Let us help you create your mobile or web applications for streaming data!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is data streaming?

Streaming data, or data streaming, refers to the streams of data created by users or customers as they interact with your application. This data can range from simple log files created by users to purchase data, credit card information, sentiment analysis, sensor data, IoT and much more.

How do I know if my application has streaming data?

It's likely that your application (or you as a project manager or business owner) will need to process data because you want to understand how your visitors, users, customers, etc. interact with the technology, website, app, etc. you've created.

How do I process raw data?

Data can occur in all types of types or data sets. You can collect system logs, dynamic data, real-time data and other types of data.

Do I have to process streaming data to be successful?

Every company and every project is different. While streaming data, batch processing, real-time analytics (or at least real-time data), etc. are critical for many organizations, we can't know what your organization's needs are. Reliable and affordable data streaming cloud service