Disaster Recovery with centron: Reliable solutions for operational restoration in emergencies

Efficient Disaster Recovery with centron ccloud³: Minimize Downtime Risks

Well-prepared in case of emergency – Quickly return to normal operations. Ensure efficient protection and the ability to act. Reliable solutions for operational restoration in emergencies.

Mit Centron zu maximaler Datensicherheit im Webhosting

Business Continuity

The downtime risk under control

Protect your IT infrastructure effectively against technical or human failure, accidents or deliberate damage.
For your disaster recovery action plan, centron ccloud³ provides the ideal platform.
Your customized recovery strategy and the reliability of our cloud architecture will bring your business
back online in minutes, even in the event of a serious incident.

Centron Fullmanaging: Rundum-Betreuung für Ihren Online-Auftritt

More efficient than an in-house solution

Disaster recovery in the centron ccloud³ eliminates the costly purchase of additional hardware and the ongoing administrative burden of redundant recovery infrastructure in-house. Plus, an on-site incident can't jeopardize your business.

Centron Fullmanaging: Rundum-Betreuung für Ihren Online-Auftritt

More economical than a colocation model

Disaster recovery costs are also significantly lower in a cloud-based environment compared to a colocation solution, which requires you to rent hardware and use administrative services.

Centron Fullmanaging: Rundum-Betreuung für Ihren Online-Auftritt

Transparent cost model

Using the centron ccloud³ as a disaster recovery target offers the advantage of precise predictability. A per-minute billing model creates transparency and is easy on your budget.

Centron Fullmanaging: Rundum-Betreuung für Ihren Online-Auftritt

Comprehensive services

centron ccloud³ takes over the complete maintenance of the hardware and hypervisor platform. With free 24/7 enterprise-level support, you relieve internal resources and can count on a stable infrastructure at the same time.

Server-Infrastruktur bei Centron: Technologie, die überzeugt

Maximum fail-safety

Everything you need for your disaster recovery strategy: virtually unlimited storage and compute capacity, low data center latency, redundant network uplinks, DDOS protection, and Infiniband-based SDN for automatic compensation of failed network components.

Fully-managed recovery solutions

Fast, resource-efficient implementation

Structured disaster recoveryaccording to plan

Disaster Recovery with centron ccloud³ enables the recovery of damaged IT systems within the framework of a structured plan. This involves building a cloud infrastructure with an architecture that matches the source environment. Applications, data and patches are replicated to the centron ccluod³ in a software-supported, continuous and loss-free manner. In the event of an emergency, the cloud platform is ready to take over productive operation without downtime – quickly, in a resource-saving manner, without redundant hardware.

Server-Infrastruktur bei Centron: Technologie, die überzeugt

Step-by-step to the disaster recovery infrastructure

The recovery environment is set upin defined steps.

  • Provision of a high-performance network connection (e.g. VPN, dedicated line.
  • Basic installation of the servers.
  • Automatic replication of all content between the source system and the target system in the cloud.
  • Cost-efficient platform, scalable resources.
  • From a technical perspective, the cloud disaster recovery site does not need to be maintained at identical scale.
  • CPUs and RAM are flexibly scalable and can be expanded as needed in an emergency.

This saves costs in the long term.

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Data replication without long downtimes

Data replication is performed automatically without extensive format conversions of virtual hard disks; source and target systems can use different hypervisor technologies. Long downtimes or complex failover and failback mechanisms are eliminated.

Independent of hardware & software platforms

Thanks to the agent-based approach, the architecture is completely independent of the hardware and software platform used, allowing you to replicate transparently between different on-premises and cloud platforms.


In minutes, services affected by failure are restored – with consistent performance. This extremely fast recovery is ensured by the centron ccloud³. Compute Engine in combination with software specialized in disaster recovery scenarios.

Structured disasterrecovery plan

If you need to recover your system quickly in an emergency, you need fine-grained documentation of the procedure. A structured service recovery guide relieves the burden on staff and prevents wrong decisions.

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Whether cProtect, High Availability or both - take advantage of the highest level of resilience.All resource-based with no capital to invest.

Get started today!

Whether cProtect, High Availability or both - take advantage of the highest level of resilience. All resource-based with no capital to invest.