Digital marketing agencies - Spend less time managing your clients' websites

Develop your digital marketing agency with managed hosting that takes the burden of web server management off your shoulders.

How centron can make digital marketing agencies shine

Running dozens, hundreds or even thousands of client websites requires a lot of resources for any digital marketing agency. Focus on designing great content for your clients and leave the time-consuming web hosting management to us. Rely on centron's managed hosting for a reliable, scalable and stress-free hosting experience - including expert support - that will keep you and your clients happy.

Multiple cloud hosting options

Use several CPU options from centron to host your customers’ websites.

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Top performance for digital marketing agencies

A fully optimized stack guarantees top website performance.

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1-click backup and restore

Protect your hard work – and your customers’ peace of mind – with easy backup and restore functionality.

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Simple, intuitive platform

Say goodbye to cPanel – centron’s user-friendly interface simplifies your web hosting experience.

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What you get with centron

Go online in just a few minutes

A simple, efficient platform gives you the ability to launch reliable, feature-rich websites in minutes instead of days.

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Managed, but under your control

Get unlimited websites and visits per server, powerful add-ons, flexible workflows and easy vertical scaling so you can focus on growing your business.

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24/7 Expert Support

We offer all support options, including phone calls with experts, documentation and more, to back up digital marketing agencies around the clock.

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Digital marketing agencies - your digital agency business with managed hosting from centron

Freedom with managed hosting

The ultimate solution for your digital marketing agency with centrons Managed Hosting Services! With us, the focus is on spending less time on administration and more time on creativity. Benefit from a variety of cloud hosting options specifically designed to run your clients' websites without the stress of server management.

Our platform is user-friendly and optimized for maximum performance to get your projects online in the fastest way possible. With our 1-click backup and restore feature and real-time expert support available at all times, you can focus on growing your business.

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A new era of web hosting for your agency

centron ushers in a new era of web hosting for digital marketing agencies. Not only do we give you the freedom to manage and scale unlimited websites, but we also back you up with 24/7 expert support that leaves no questions unanswered.

Get started now with a free credit and experience how our managed hosting can make your digital agency shine. Say goodbye to technical worries and hello to a world where reliability, efficiency and peak performance take center stage. You're just minutes away from revolutionizing your digital presence.

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Do you have any questions, a specific use case or special requirements?

Ready to take your digital marketing to the next level? Join centron and revolutionize your agency's hosting experience. With our managed hosting, you can focus on what really matters - creativity and growth. Get started now with an exclusive €100 credit for new customers. Don't waste any time - get started now!

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