Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with centron

Easily secure your cloud resources in private, isolated networks with centron's Virtual Private Network. With centron's Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), you can enjoy a high level of control and customization over your cloud infrastructure without compromising on simplicity and cost.

Simple, cost-effective VPC hosting (Virtual Private Cloud)


The centron Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a logically isolated network for cloud resources. VPC gives you more control over how your resources communicate, with isolation reminiscent of what you might achieve when running on-premise systems.


Simply create multiple VPCs (Virtual Private Networks) via our developer-friendly dashboard or API. We automatically create VPCs for your resources if you don’t want to customize the network settings.


Configure your VPC to meet your exact requirements. Specify an IP address range to connect to another network. Or configure firewalls to control incoming and outgoing traffic.

Create a VPC network in seconds

Create or update resources to work within the Virtual Private Network VPC of your choice. ccloud³ VMs, Kubernetes, load balancers and databases all run within VPC.

Option 1: ccloud³ VPC

Log in to the ccloud³ interface and use all resources in your own cloud.

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Option 2: Kubernetes VPC

Log in to the centron Kubernetes interface to use all resources in your own VPC.

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Join the many companies that save up to 50% or more with centron

Are the ever-increasing cloud costs of AWS, GCP, Azure and other hyperscalers significantly impacting your profit margins? Contact our team of experts and we'll show you how you can significantly reduce your bill for better infrastructure performance. Virtual Private Network with centron, get started now.

With centron, you can create a VPC (Virtual Private Network) network in seconds and run your resources, including ccloud³ VMs, Kubernetes, load balancers and databases, within the chosen VPC. Whether you choose the ccloud³ VPC or the Kubernetes VPC, centron provides seamless integration and management of all your cloud resources in a single, consolidated environment.

For organizations affected by the high cloud costs associated with AWS, GCP, Azure and other hyperscalers, centron provides a cost-effective alternative that can not only improve infrastructure performance, but also significantly reduce overall costs. With centron’s virtual private network, you can join the many organizations that are already realizing significant savings without sacrificing performance or security.

Start now with centron and unlock the full potential of your cloud infrastructure.

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VPC Pricing

Transfer to and within VPCs is free and you can create as many VPCs as you like at no extra cost. Transfers from VPCs are counted against the bandwidth quotas of the resources. Excess transfers are billed at just €0.001 / GB – a price significantly lower than other clouds.

Visit our documentation for more details on bandwidth billing.