Scalable and flexible virtual machines at centron

centron offers reliable virtual machines with an uptime SLA of 99.95% and clear monthly pricing.

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centron's ccloud³ VMs are available in different configurations of CPU, RAM, disk space, GPU & accessibility. Choose the size that best suits your work requirements. Reliable, scalable and flexible.

Worker Pool ccloud³ VMs

Centron Worker Pool ccloud³ VMs are available as both Intel and AMD servers. These VMs start from just €3.35 / month and are ideal for applications that can handle variable CPU levels.

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Power Pool ccloud³ VMs

Power Pool ccloud³ VMs are ideal for applications such as video streaming, game server hosting and others that require fast performance.

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High Availability Pool ccloud³ VMs

High Availability Pool ccloud³ VMs are designed for business-critical applications. With our highest SLA of 99.99%, you are safe from unexpected outages.

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Dedicated Core ccloud³ VMs

Dedicated Core ccloud³ VMs have a dedicated CPU and a balanced memory to CPU ratio and are best suited for production workloads that require dedicated performance.

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Cloud GPU ccloud³ VMs

ccloud³ VMs equipped with an Nvidia GPU are perfect for machine learning, virtual desktops and AI.

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How to get started: Deploy one or more VMs at centron in just a few minutes.

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Maximize your digital efficiency with centrons VM pools

Boost your business performance with centron's scalable and flexible virtual machines. With an impressive uptime SLA of 99.95% and transparent monthly pricing, you can count on reliability and planning security.

Virtual machines for all eventualities

Our ccloud³ VMs offer you a wide range of configuration options - ideally matched to your individual CPU, RAM, storage space and GPU requirements. Whether for simple tasks or computing-intensive tasks - choose the right VM pool for you from our extensive range.

The Worker Pool with Intel and AMD server options is available from just €3.35 per month and efficiently supports applications with variable CPU requirements. Our Power Pool VMs are the first choice for performance-intensive applications such as video streaming or game server hosting.

Powerful infrastructure, comprehensive documentation and an unrivaled support team

Business-critical applications benefit from our High Availability Pool VMs, which guarantee maximum operational reliability with an SLA of 99.95%. Our Dedicated Core VMs are available for tasks that require dedicated computing power.

In addition, our ccloud³ VMs with Nvidia GPU are ideal for demanding projects in the areas of machine learning, virtual desktops and artificial intelligence. Centron supports you not only with a powerful infrastructure, but also with comprehensive documentation and an unrivaled support team.

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