Cost-effective, scalable cloud hosting for blockchain companies

Blockchain companies need reliable, cost-effective computing solutions that can scale quickly. centron offers simple virtual machines with industry-leading traffic pricing. Our developer-friendly tools facilitate and accelerate scaling to meet all requirements.

Hosting with Ease of Use at its core

Centron is ideal for cloud website hosting - our low prices, simple user interface and extensive library of documentation and tutorials mean you can get started with centron in minutes, with no infrastructure management experience required.

Quick start

centron enables everyone to get started quickly. From developers creating personal websites to fast-growing startups launching new products.

Keeping costs low

centron's low cost and transparent pricing model ensures that your hosting costs remain low and predictable, even as your app scales.

Scaling with security

Our 99.95% uptime SLA means that your website is available and accessible anytime, anywhere thanks to scalable cloud hosting.

Comprehensive resources

Our community tutorials, documentation and personalized customer support mean you'll always be supported as you build your blockchain business.

Blockchain hosting that helps you build and grow

Flexible Computing

Flexible, simple computing with ccloud³ virtual machines.

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Flexible storage with centron S3 Object Storage and Volumes Block Storage.

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Premium Full Managing

Backup, Überwachung und Updates - verwaltet von centron.

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Containerized solutions with scalable Kubernetes.

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Resources to start your blockchain business

centron's detailed documentation and extensive library of tutorials ensure you have all the knowledge you need to build and host your blockchain business.

Creating a flexible and scalable infrastructure with blockchain.

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Cloud solutions for blockchain

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