Docker hosting that works

centron offers a wide range of affordable Docker hosting options designed to allow you to focus on your business and code rather than the inconvenience of deployment.

Hosting for each Docker container load

Docker Hosting with centron - Web hosting products and services bring affordability and reliability to your workloads in Docker containers: from building a simple website, microservices and APIs to powerful databases and enterprise applications. We offer reliable performance, fast load times and high availability at a price that won't break your budget.

Mix and match the best products for your Docker hosting

centron's cloud infrastructure products offer unrivaled coverage with plenty of support so you can deploy and scale in just a few clicks.

Virtual Machines

centron's virtual machines, ccloud³ VMs, provide flexible and easy-to-use computing power for all your website and application needs. ccloud³ VMs scale on demand - so you can grow without worrying about your underlying infrastructure. Choose between cost-effective servers with shared CPU ccloud³ VMs or a fully capable dedicated server. With a 99.95% uptime SLA, your computing power is in good hands.

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cStack Kubernetes

Deploy, manage and scale your Docker containerized applications with centrons cStack Kubernetes. We take care of managing your underlying infrastructure with the power of Kubernetes. We offer an easy-to-use interface and flexible scaling options that integrate seamlessly with our full range of cloud products and services.

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Block Storage

Get secure, scalable, highly available block storage, volumes, for your Kubernetes clusters with Docker containerization and benefit from speeds that are faster than traditional HDD storage. Control your storage programmatically via our API and relax with regular backups through Premium Full Managing, starting at a price of 50 € / month.

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S3 Object Storage

Docker Hosting - Store your large data in one of our global data centers with S3 compatibility. Use your CDN to improve your retrieval times and make it easier to manipulate your data.

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Deploying a Docker VM

Ready to get started with Docker hosting at centron? Create a ccloud³ VM virtual machine with Docker (docker-engine, docker-compose).

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Docker Hosting?

Docker hosting, or a Docker host, is a physical or virtual server (also called a virtual machine) on which you run Docker. Docker runs workloads in a Docker container or Docker containers. Docker hosting allows your Docker Engine to allocate parts of your host's computing power to these specific Docker containers while isolating each Docker container from each other.

Why should I use Docker hosting for my Docker containers?

If you're using Docker to help deploy your application, you'll want to use a cloud platform or hosting platform that has experience with Docker containers and can actively host them. Docker hosting platforms allow your application to utilize the full power of Docker.

Who offers the best Docker hosting? What are the best hosting platforms for Docker?

We recommend you do your research, explore the best Docker hosting platforms on the market and choose the one that offers the best products, services and pricing to meet your business needs and works.