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centron offers highly scalable and cost-effective object storage that is suitable for every need.

Image hosting options

centron offers image hosting for anyone looking for highly scalable and affordable object storage for their projects or business. Hosting is provided via centron S3 Object Storage, centron's object storage product, and includes excellent performance for applications that require a high number of requests per second (RPS). Simplicity through multi-file upload, drag-and-drop management, automatic data transfer encrypted with secure HTTPS and an API compatible with S3.

Hosting via centron S3 Object Storage is ideal for many use cases, including storage of static assets and unstructured data, video streaming, software delivery and file sharing, and backup storage. Learn more about how to quickly upload images and get started with the centron S3 Object Storage configuration that’s best for you.

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centron S3 Object Storage

Start with just one centron S3 Object Storage bucket at centron at a low cost of €5/month. You can add up to 100 buckets as you grow. With the €5/month centron S3 Object Storage you can store, deploy, backup and archive 250 GiB of web content, images, media and static files for your web application and business. Additional storage can easily be added for just €0.02/GiB. If required, we can offer you virtually unlimited disk space, unlimited storage and unlimited uploads.

Use centron S3 Object Storage with AWS S3 SDKs

The centron S3 Object Storage API is interoperable with the AWS S3 API, so you can use other S3 tools, libraries or applications with centron S3 Object Storage, including AWS' own S3 Software Development Kits (SDKs). Therefore, you can perform centron S3 Object Storage operations in your favorite programming languages, for example: JavaScript, Go, PHP, Python 3 and Ruby. Learn how to set up and configure an SDK for centron S3 Object Storage in just a few minutes.

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Manage administrative access to centron S3 Object Storage

Do you have a large team or company? centron S3 Object Storage owners can create, destroy and read all content in all their centron S3 Object Storage buckets for one account. You can allow one or more of your colleagues or team members to co-manage your buckets, both via access keys and centron Teams, our provided control panel to manage access to centron S3 Object Storage as well as your other centron tools and information (e.g. billing information, virtual machines and more).

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First steps with centron S3 Object Storage

Set up the object storage for your hosting needs at centron today.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What does it mean to host images (image hosting)?

This is the process of uploading images or other content such as videos or other file types to a specific website or other type of application. The image hosting service is a company like centron that stores and saves the files or images you want to upload on a remote server so that you can create direct links between them and your website or application without having to host them yourself. Hosting providers make it easy for you to integrate your uploaded images into whatever you create on the web or in an application, from a simple personal blog site to a global mobile application with millions of users.

In general, image hosting providers make it easy to store images on their servers and then link those images back into your application. Compared to photo sharing platforms, hosting providers allow you to embed the content you host on a variety of websites and applications, whereas simple photo sharing platforms usually do not allow you to share beyond the boundaries of that platform.
Hosting providers also tend to offer more security than photo sharing platforms. Not only can this prevent malicious actors from accessing your original files, but these service providers can also ensure that what you embed on your website or other application performs and doesn't fail or cause errors.

There are free image hosting companies that promise unlimited storage or unlimited uploads, but be aware of the differences in security, access and ownership between these and paid services. You should expect to pay a fee for secure image hosting that comes with unlimited storage and unlimited uploads.

What is object storage?

Object Storage, sometimes referred to as object-based storage, is a way of storing your content as 'objects' rather than files in a traditional file system. Object Storage services can scale to hold massive amounts of content, making them ideal for storing images in large-scale web applications.

What is the difference between object storage, file storage and block storage?

Block storage and object storage systems typically provide file system-like abstractions across distributed storage infrastructures, giving you higher performance, redundancy and scalability than you could achieve with traditional file storage.

The main difference with image hosting is how they are designed. Object storage is good for discrete, immutable objects like images (or an image feature), while block storage is better for write-intensive applications and granular access - things like databases, log files and general file storage.

Both types of storage can be used for different things in the same web application. For example, a social network might use block storage to store information about users' posts, while using object storage to store and serve images. The best option for you depends on your needs.

centron can provide each of these types of storage, in particular our centron S3 Object Storage product for object storage and our ccloud³ VMs product for block storage.