ccloud³ Update: Ready for a new Era of Cloud Deployment?

ccloud³ – Preparing for a New Phase in Cloud Deployment

ccloud³ Update: Ready for a new Era of Cloud Deployment?

Lightning-fast VM setup, flexible scaling and complete infrastructure management: on 1 January 2024, centron will revolutionize your cloud experience with a ccloud³ update! Look forward to innovative cloud solutions that will change your business world. 

centron ccloud³ starts the new year more flexible, efficient and visually appealing! Just in time for January 1, 2024, a groundbreaking update will set completely new standards in terms of efficiency and user-friendliness. This update will be a game changer for companies of all sizes: You will be able to set up, manage and scale virtual machines (VMs) in seconds.

Simplicity and Efficiency in VM Management

The redesigned ccloud³ makes provisioning and managing VMs a real breeze. With intuitive tools and a custom pool for cost savings, this update offers an unparalleled user experience. Choose between 12, 24 or 36-month terms for reduced pricing and enjoy the freedom to customize your infrastructure to your exact needs.

Scale with Confidence

Life is unpredictable, your cloud service doesn’t have to be. ccloud³ enables reliable scaling according to your changing needs. Resize your VMs or expand horizontally with multiple machines, backed by an impressive 99.95% uptime SLA for distributed data centers.

Complete Management of your Infrastructure

With centron you can have every aspect of your infrastructure managed. Save money and your team’s valuable working time with an infrastructure managed by centron.

Support for a wide Range of Operating Systems

ccloud³ will support an even wider range of Linux and Windows distributions from January 1, 2024, including

  • Windows: 2022 (de-DE), 2022 (en-US), 2019 (de-DE), 2019 (en-US)
  • Ubuntu: 23.10 x64, 23.04 x64, 22.04 (LTS) x64, 20.04 (LTS) x64
  • Debian: 12.0 x64, 11.0 x64, 10.3 x64
  • CentOS: 9 Stream x64, 8 Stream x64, 7.6 Linux x64
  • AlmaLinux: 8.6, 9
  • Rocky Linux: 8 x64, 9 x64
  • Fedora: 39 x64, 38 x64, 37 x64


Innovative Tags for efficient Management

ccloud³ tags are user-defined labels that you can assign to your VMs. They offer you the following added value:

  • Filtering: Organize your resources efficiently and create filtered lists of VMs with the same tags.
  • Automation: Automatically integrate VMs into firewall rules and load balancer backend pools to minimize management overhead.
  • API-Integration: Execute actions across all VMs with the same tag simultaneously to speed up resource management.


Additional IPs and Premium Full Managing

ccloud³ offers publicly accessible static IPs for additional flexibility and accessibility. With the Premium Full Managing add-on, centron takes over basic functions such as backup, monitoring and patch management so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Reliable Firewalls for ultimate Protection

centron’s cloud firewalls provide a stateful firewall service for your ccloud³ VMs to ensure maximum protection and security. Define the VMs protected by a firewall individually or by tags.

Ready for the Future?

With the new ccloud³ update from centron, you are ideally positioned to take your cloud infrastructure to the next level. Experience unrivaled flexibility, security and efficiency. Mark January 1, 2024 in your calendar – the future of cloud technology is waiting for you! Let’s start preparing for a New Phase in Cloud Deployment.

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