Ethical Challenges in AI: Addressing the Top Three Burning Moral Questions in Artificial Intelligence

AI & Ethics: Overcoming Moral Dilemmas

As AI-enabled technologies advance, the associated ethical concerns become more pressing.

AI-enabled technologies are becoming more advanced and ubiquitous. Related ethical concerns are also becoming more pressing. We would like to address the three most burning issues here.

1. Potential for discrimination

AI algorithms are only as objective as the data on which they are trained. If that data reflects human biases, the AI system may maintain those biases.
Example: If a face recognition system has been trained on data that contains mostly white faces, it will have difficulty recognizing people with darker skin tones.

2. Effects on the job market

AI systems have the potential to automate many jobs – from manufacturing to transportation to customer service or even in the medical field. This could lead to massive job losses and economic downturns.

3. Privacy concerns of Artificial intelligence

AI systems collect and analyze huge amounts of data. There is a risk that personal data could be misused or exploited.
One example: An AI-supported advertising system could use personal data to serve targeted advertising. This would violate the privacy and autonomy of the individual.

Multilayered approach required

To address ethical concerns, technologists, policymakers, and ethicists must work closely together. Such collaboration could be the development of an AI-specific ethical framework or the establishment of AI regulatory bodies. Either way, the ethical considerations surrounding AI require careful consideration of the potential benefits and risks. On the one hand, progress should not be slowed down; on the other hand, safety and fairness must be ensured for all stakeholders. Acting responsibly, transparently and ethically plays a significant role in the further development and use of AI systems – Ethical Challenges in AI: Addressing the Top Three Burning Moral Questions in Artificial Intelligence. Learn more.

Source: Hasna Mariyam VP (Public Relations Team Lead at Infolks Group)