AI & the types of cloud computing

It will soon be impossible to imagine cloud computing without artificial intelligence. We show how efficient AI is for which type of cloud computing.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing are increasingly driving each other forward. AI provides intelligent automation in cloud technologies and optimizes the use of computing and network resources. In turn, cloud computing structures for efficient and secure storage and management of data continue to drive machine learning (ML). Two of the key trends in the fusion of AI and cloud computing are AI chatbots and business intelligence.

In a previous blog post, we have already looked at the advantages, disadvantages and challenges that a merger of AI and cloud computing brings for companies. We also compared the cloud service offerings IaaS, PaaS and SaaS in another post. At this point, we now want to look at how efficient AI is for just these three different types of cloud computing.

KI x IaaS

Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) makes it possible to experiment with AI for a variety of introduction purposes – without large upfront investments and with little risk. Companies can try out different machine learning methods by experimenting with different public cloud platforms.

KI x PaaS

Cloud service providers (CSPs) have specialized in specific tasks as AI has become more popular, such as finding objects in videos, recognizing faces of famous people, or even converting speech to text. Some of them now also offer AI platforms as a service (AIPaaS).

KI x SaaS

SaaS and cloud organizations are increasingly turning to AI and ML platforms to improve their products and offer personalized customer experiences – and thus increase revenue. The key developments driving AI adoption in these organizations are the personalization of on-site content and experiences, and data analytics.

Source: Way2Smile