Blog recommendation: “Escape the Feature Factory”

Tired of monotonous ticket processing and feeling trapped in a “feature factory”? Then this brand new developer blog is just the thing for you.

Today, instead of practical tutorials and exciting tech news, we would like to give you a reading recommendation: The brand new blog “Escape the Feature Factory” by Stefan Mintert on heise Developer.

The starting point


“Feature Factory” is a questionable way of working in software development that is often found in companies. The problem is that the development of software functions (features) becomes a mechanical and monotonous process that impairs the quality, creativity and efficiency of developer work. It contradicts agile principles and can jeopardize the company’s success in the long term.

The blog


Mintert aims on his blog to help development teams get out of this monotonous ticket processing. He observes that many developers are satisfied with the status quo or wait for rescue from others instead of taking action themselves. Therefore, he wants to offer impulses, change of perspective and concrete recommendations for action to restore agility and responsibility in software development. The focus is on transparency, taking responsibility and leadership in the company.

In the articles, Mintert also wants to share his own experiences and insights from working with other experts at Kutura. He emphasizes the importance of leadership, wants to work with his readers to make improvements and positively impact the software development world. The introductory post to the new blog can be found here.

The author


Stefan Mintert is an experienced expert in the field of software development and corporate culture. He studied computer science and started his career as a consultant for technical topics. Later, he founded two startups and developed customized software solutions for clients. After a major career change, Mintert devoted more time to leadership, corporate culture, happiness at work and transformation.

Today, his interest is less on the technical side and more on the people who develop new products, their collaboration and leadership. His consultancy Kutura specializes in changes in the areas of culture, leadership, agility and customer orientation. Together with his team, Mintert offers companies support at various hierarchical levels.