centron: continued operation in the event of a power failure

The fear of a prolonged blackout in winter is growing. Since failures of important IT systems in particular can cause extensive damage, we are currently working flat out to further expand our existing emergency power capacities.


As early as mid-August, Klaus Müller, head of the Federal Network Agency, warned of regional blackouts in the coming winter. This could happen if, due to the lack of gas, more people are using electric heaters and therefore more electricity is needed.

The larger the area of a power outage, the more severe the damage to infrastructure and supply chains – and the more severe the damage, the longer it takes to recover from it. A possible consequence of a prolonged blackout would be the failure of important IT systems, which could cause devastating damage.


Current emergency power capacities

To ensure continued operation even in the event of a sustained power failure, our data center has redundant, high-availability power supplies. In addition to a low-voltage main distribution system operated by centron itself and an uninterruptible power supply, this also includes a diesel emergency power generator.

Under maximum load, our partners can be supplied with UPS power for 15 minutes in the event of a fault in the external power supply. After a maximum of 30 seconds, the emergency power generator already generates nominal power, so that the continuous power supply is ensured. Its integrated fuel tank can power the generator for up to 48 hours. Thanks to solid fuel suppliers, this unit could also be used for permanent power supply in an emergency.



We are currently working at full speed to further expand our emergency power capacities so that we can bridge a longer period of time in the event of a blackout, keep important IT systems running and prevent defects.