centron recognized as a “helper-friendly company”

Especially in the difficult times of Corona, but also in the event of traffic accidents, mishaps or natural disasters, it is important that help gets to where it is needed quickly. However, many paramedics, firefighters and other groups of helpers do not pursue their work full-time, but volunteer. We at centron are of the opinion that this important social pillar needs our support. That’s why we support our employees’ voluntary work wherever we can and give them time off when the man or woman is in need. We feel honored.


centron is a “helper-friendly company”

The Bavarian helper network under the patronage of the Bavarian State Minister of the Interior, for Sport and Integration, Joachim Hermann, has recognized us for this commitment as a “helper-friendly company”.

Due to the Corona -pandemic, the Bavarian aid organizations are under a never-before-seen permanent burden. They need all the help they can get in order to be able to help people in turn. By giving our employees time off, we are making a small contribution to containing the pandemic. Many companies throughout Bavaria do the same. So we are strong together and hopefully we can put this dark chapter behind us with as few consequences as possible.
Monika Seucan, Managing Director of centron

Via the Bavaria helper network

The Bavarian helper network is the youth campaign of the seven aid and emergency organizations in Bavaria that are involved in civil protection. The members of the Bavarian helper network are responsible for the life and limb of the people in Bavaria when large-scale operations have to be carried out or when a disaster occurs. Under the umbrella of the “Civil Protection Working Group”, there are currently around 230,000 highly skilled and well-trained volunteers on call to provide professional help. They provide technical assistance as well as taking care of people affected by floods, sporting events or state visits. Learn more.

You can find more information on the Helfernetz Bayern.