Teambuilding in centron style

Good teamwork takes a lot of practice and coordination to get the best results. Of course, a portion of fun should not be missing, which is why our trainee centronists got together outside of the usual working hours to face a big task together.

Blog team building in centron style

Teambuilding with a difference: On Saturday morning, strengthened by a hearty breakfast, they waited impatiently for the starting signal: A countdown on a netbook slowly began to count down and a bomb – don’t worry, not a real one, of course – threatened the company destroy. The trainees had an hour to avert the worst.

ParaPark Fürth’s mobile escape room brought with it many exciting puzzles and challenges. Black lights, hidden keys and codes got the brain going. Time was running out, but our centronists kept a cool head.


With 8 minutes on the clock, the security code, for which everyone was working hand in hand, came to a standstill – the company was saved.

The threat may be fictional, but the thrill is real. If you can work together under this pressure, you won’t break a sweat even if you have problems in everyday work and you will find a solution with style and confidence. Learn more.