Citizen Development: Innovation meets Demographics

Overcome demographic change by empowering your workforce to develop their own digital solutions. Our blog shows how Citizen Development can promote collaboration between generations and boost innovation.

In a world where the half-life of knowledge is rapidly decreasing and technological innovations are constantly changing the way we work, today’s workforce is facing an unprecedented challenge: demographic change. With an ageing workforce on the one hand and a generation of digital natives on the other, companies are faced with the task of uniting these different talents and skills. This is where the concept of Citizen Development comes into play – an initiative that aims to empower tech-savvy business users to develop their own solutions using low-code platforms to drive digital transformation.

Seize the Opportunities

Inclusion through Innovation: Citizen Development offers a unique opportunity to utilize cross-generational knowledge and skills. Older employees bring valuable experience and a deep understanding of business processes, while younger colleagues use their technical affinity to develop agile solutions. This synergy not only promotes innovation, but also inclusion within the company.

Lifelong Learning as a Standard: At a time when lifelong learning is essential, Citizen Development provides a platform for all employees to learn new skills and continuously develop. This helps to bridge the digital divide between generations and create a culture of continuous improvement.

Meeting the Challenges

Ensuring Quality and Safety: Despite the positive aspects, citizen development also brings challenges, particularly in terms of software quality and the potential increase in shadow IT. Companies must ensure that the solutions developed not only meet the requirements of the specialist departments, but can also be integrated into the existing IT infrastructure and meet high security standards.

Targeted Training and Development: The successful implementation of Citizen Development requires tailored training programs that are adapted to the different prior knowledge and learning styles of employees. Older members of the workforce in particular, who may have less experience with digital technologies, need support to navigate the new environment with confidence. Innovation meets Demographics

Conclusion and Reading Recommendation

Citizen Development not only stands for the democratization of technology development within a company, but also symbolizes a cultural shift towards more agility, inclusion and lifelong learning. While demographic change undoubtedly brings challenges, Citizen Development offers a promising opportunity to overcome them and bridge the gap between generations. By fostering collaboration, accelerating digital transformation and reducing the burden on IT departments, Citizen Development can help future-proof organizations. The journey may be fraught with challenges, but the benefits of such cultural transformation are immeasurable.

We recommend the Study “IT Trends 2024” by Capgemini to anyone who would like to delve deeper into the topic. This comprehensive study not only sheds light on the concept of citizen development, but also offers valuable insights into other current trends and challenges in the IT sector. The study can serve as a guide for managers and IT professionals to fully exploit the potential of Citizen Development and create sustainable, agile and inclusive workplaces.