Collection: Current phishing-traps

Phishing is a popular tactic used by cyber criminals to obtain login credentials and personal information. With current examples we want to contribute to education and awareness.

Here on our blog we regularly report on current security gaps and cybercrimes. Unpleasant topics that everyone who is active on the web should definitely deal with. Perhaps you have already been the victim of an attempted online fraud today? A popular scam is so-called phishing messages.

Cyber criminals try to obtain your access information and personal data via e-mails or text messages with dangerous links or attachments. Many of these fake messages look deceptively real. Valuable tips for recognizing phishing messages and how to deal with them sie-achten-musen-6073 “>supplied to you by the Federation of Consumer Organizations.

Current practical examples

In order to sensitize you to phishing-traps and to show you the extent of this scam, we are diligently collecting current examples. The following gallery contains practical examples that are currently in circulation and is regularly updated by us.

Have you also received a deceptively real phishing message and would like to warn other potential victims? Then send us a screenshot by email to – we will be happy to include your example in our collection! Learn more.

[Last update: 02/20/2023]