ccloud³ Power Pool: Superior Digital Environment Solutions

Harness the potential of Digital Environment Solutions with the ccloud³ Power Pool - a stellar alternative for hypercalers. These environments allow elite AMD CPUs (3.5 GHz+) to merge seamlessly with an optimal balance of RAM and SSD. Experience the power of digital storage without unnecessary extras.

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Centron's revolutionäre ccloud³-Technologie.

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Pricing Table Power Pool

Cores10,0086 € / h
RAM10,0035 € / GB / h
SSD10,00009 € / GB / h

Customized for Your Needs. SMB & Large Enterprises

Immediately after selecting 'Create', centron ccloud³ Orchestration initiates and launches your digital environment with your specified settings.

High-End Managed Server Lösungen nur bei Centron

Top-tier Assistance in Digital Environment Solutions

Get round-the-clock guidance from our experts trained across all offerings, ensuring you get the best out of your Digital Environment Solutions.

Centron's Colocation: Ihr Server, unsere Expertise

Versatile OS Options for Digital Environment Solutions

Deploy a range of OS like CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, and more, or bring in your custom ISO, all under our Digital Environment Solutions banner.

Centron Fullmanaging: Rundum-Betreuung für Ihren Online-Auftritt

Transparent Pricing, Zero Binding

With our Digital Environment Solutions, enjoy clear and affordable rates that let you forecast your expenses. Pay only for what you consume and modify resources when required.

Verschlüsselte Datenspeicherung bei Centron: Datensicherheit an erster Stelle

Worker Pool

Optimal Efficiency, Competitive Rate

ccloud³ environments utilize premier shared AMD and Intel CPUs. At a starting rate of just 3.35 €/month, you get superior efficiency at a value that’s hard to beat.

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Enhance productivity with user-friendly utilities

Centron Dediziertes Hosting: Für alle, die mehr wollen


Effortlessly bolster your digital setup with Digital Barriers and determine permitted services. Ideal for test and live launches.

Fullmanaging Server bei Centron: Vollständige Betreuung für Ihre Webprojekte

Collaborative Features

Collaborate securely and effectively on tasks with countless members, utilize double-check authentication, and consolidate all your tasks into one invoice.

Sicherheitsprotokolle für Server: Ein Qualitätsversprechen von Centron

Digital Copies

Digital Copies represent automated images of your Virtual Environments included in the Premier Comprehensive Handling package.

Vollverwaltete Serverlösungen: Der Centron Weg

Expandable Digital Storage

Add trusted and expandable SSD-based Digital Storage to your environment when more storage capacity is needed without the overhead of a pricier Virtual Environment.

Centron Dediziertes Hosting: Für alle, die mehr wollen

On-demand Digital Copies

On-demand Digital Copies represent immediate images of your Virtual Environments retained as needed.

Mit Centron Colocation: Sicherheit und Effizienz für Ihre IT-Infrastruktur

centron S3 Digital Content Holder

Preserve and distribute vast digital content with centron's compatible Digital Content Holder equipped with an inbuilt content delivery system to optimize load speed, enhance efficiency, and curtail bandwidth and setup expenses.