What is colocation, server housing & Co.?

Colocation, like server homing and server housing, refers to the relocation of the server hardware to a data center of an Internet service provider.

The data centers are mostly connected to the fiber optic network. This guarantees a high data transfer rate. The data center provides specially designed rooms for colocation. Due to the heat emitted by the units, an air conditioner runs twenty-four hours a day. In order to prevent disruptions or acts of sabotage, the system is often alarm-secured and video-monitored. The servers also require special extinguishing techniques in the event of a fire. Gas extinguishing systems therefore secure the devices in the large data centers. In order to protect against fluctuations or even failures in the power grid, a multiple secured power supply is part of the equipment. In addition, qualified technicians are on site around the clock for colocation to ensure the greatest possible availability of the servers. Hardware problems can be rectified directly. Although the data centers are large consumers of electricity, the customer usually pays a higher price than is customary locally. This is explained by the provider’s billing method. Depending on the type of device and the load on the server, sometimes more or less heat is generated. The effort required to cool the environment varies accordingly. To compensate for this, the operators offset these costs against the energy consumed.

For more and more companies, the trouble-free functioning of the hardware server is of crucial importance. Colocation offers a solution here. The fiber optic network enables significantly higher data transmission rates. The demands on a server room are constantly increasing. The capital expenditure for conversion and operation is correspondingly high. Since the room is rented with colocation, the company can quickly and flexibly increase or reduce capacities with maximum availability of the servers.

You can find more information about colocation here.

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