What do I need a domain for?

A domain is part of the DNS, the so-called domain name system. This is a network service that regulates the addressing of computers on the Internet: The computer translates the entry www.meinedomain.de into the corresponding IP address and can thus establish a connection. The advantage for the user is that he only has to remember the domain name. A distinction is made between different elements. Although the term generally refers to the part between www and the domain ending such as .de or .com, domains contain a total of three levels: The third level, the well-known www, remains the same in most cases. However, the operator of the website can freely select the second level, i.e. the domain name, and the first level, the domain ending. The first level is also referred to as top-level domains. At centron.de, you can conveniently have a domain and extension registered by the service. All you need is a hosting solution, which centron.de offers you for a wide variety of requirements. Technically, you will be provided with storage space on a server. The data on the server, for example your website, can be reached under a specific IP that can be addressed by the domain. Your customers and all other interested parties can easily reach you at any time at www.yourdomain.de. You can quickly check online whether the desired domain name is available in combination with a suitable domain extension such as .com or .de. An annual fee is due for registration. If you want to have a domain name that is already registered, in some cases there is the possibility of a purchase. Further information on the subject can be found here. Secure your own domain easily and conveniently with our checker.