Understanding Hosting: Comprehensive Insight into Internet Service Provisions!

The term hosting, which comes from English, describes comprehensive services on the Internet. In the exact translation, a hoster is a host. Hosters in terms of internet use are hosts of

  • homepages
  • Email addresses
  • Web storage capacities
  • Web Databases
  • Internet shop systems
  • complete content management systems.

In the context of hosting, providers and web hosts make their own computer resources available and offer additional services. Web hosting is the most well-known in terms of private and business internet use. In addition to hosting their customers’ websites, the hosters provide databases and programs for building websites. The registration of domain names is also a task that is largely taken over by web hosts.

It can also refer exclusively to the provision of e-mail addresses and the organization of e-mail traffic. Due to the increasing number and variety of IT end devices, cloud hosting is becoming increasingly important. Cloud hosters offer users flexible access to software and centrally stored data from any Internet access point. For this purpose, the providers provide an extensive IT infrastructure with server and client software, data storage and the necessary CPU power. Access within the framework of cloud hosting is possible from internet-enabled mobile phones, tablet PCs, notebooks and PCs in any part of the world. The only requirement is an existing mobile or stationary Internet access. In addition to private use, cloud hosting is particularly advantageous for companies. Without using your own server capacities, the service enables a comprehensive connection of all employees at any location. centron.de offers extensive services with managed web, e-mail and cloud hosting.

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