What does housing mean?

Housing is a typical service within the framework of data outsourcing. Server housing, often referred to as server homing or co-location, is now widespread. As part of this service, companies offer individual server capacities for rent. The use of the external service is safe and economical, especially for small and medium-sized companies. You don’t have to purchase large servers or provide air-conditioned rooms for the safe operation of the devices. Comprehensive fire protection and emergency power systems for the safe operation of the server systems are just as dispensable in the company as complex data backups.

External data centers have redundant server capacities, a convenient power supply and optimal air conditioning in the server rooms. Due to the high concentration of data storage, the premises are equipped with extensive security measures such as fire protection equipment specially tailored to the needs, multiple emergency power systems and access security. Secure and fast Internet access and high uplink capacities ensure fast access to the data stored in the central data center at all times. Highly qualified staff is available 24/7 to provide immediate assistance in the event of a technical problem.

Variable capacities are available as part of outsourcing. On centron.de there is the option of renting a single height unit or several height units as part of server housing. In addition, the use of a complete or several racks is possible as part of the rack housing. Customers can use their own server rooms for particularly large amounts of data. As part of managed housing, the rented servers are looked after around the clock. In addition, providers provide extensive support options to support the affiliated companies.

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