What is IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)?

The abbreviation IaaS stands for “Infrastructure as a Service”. As part of cloud computing, customers with this offer have the option of renting any required computer infrastructure as required. Instead of purchasing computing power, storage space or software in the classic way, you only pay for the services and capacities that are actually used. Providers of this service are large data centers. Therefore, IaaS offers the customer numerous advantages. The provider is responsible for maintenance and servicing. Highly qualified technicians are available around the clock in the data center. The risk of system failures is minimized. Fiber optic lines ensure fast connections and the high security standards minimize the risk of losing sensitive data. Each individual cloud is protected by a separate firewall.

IaaS offers maximum flexibility. The right hardware is always available for one-off or temporary projects. There are no expensive acquisition costs, so the operating costs are optimised. With IaaS, sufficient high-quality infrastructure is also available at all times for peak loads without having to be permanently financed. By using the infrastructure exclusively according to demand, unused capacities can be released again immediately and do not have to be financed. Software and components are also only rented on demand, so the company remains flexible and efficient and retains full cost control at all times. Since there is a wide variety of virtual environments to choose from with IaaS, the offer is also ideal for companies that want to test a wide variety of software and applications. Thanks to IaaS, no expensive infrastructure needs to be provided for rarely used applications. This model thus offers a reliable, state-of-the-art supply while at the same time optimizing operating costs.

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