What is meant by intranet?

A non-public computer network that is only accessible to a limited group of users is called an intranet. The term is composed of the Latin word “intra” meaning “within” and the English “net” for “network”. Unlike locally limited networks such as a global area network or a local area network, the term intranet says nothing about the location of the network. Global companies operate an internal computer network that spans the entire globe.

A company intranet has numerous advantages. It offers hardly any target for hacker attacks and spying on company-internal data is very difficult. Internal communication is also accelerated. Processes are greatly simplified and streamlined, since all departments must be able to access the same databases quickly and reliably. Companies benefit from the numerous evaluation options offered by the central use and storage of data. Forms are available to all employees at any time via the intranet. Communication between individual employees and between different departments and branches is greatly accelerated. This optimizes and improves the dissemination of knowledge. The data is provided with quality assurance and the distribution is reliable, fast and target group-oriented. At the same time, the shared use of a company’s own user interface increases the awareness of the individual employees for the corporate identity. The targeted use of technology can be optimally controlled with the help of the intranet and increases the competitiveness of companies. The effective and controlled use of the Internet can also be controlled via the company’s internal network. Intranet users not only include companies of all sizes. Authorities and administrations also appreciate the advantages and comfort.

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