What is meant by out-tasking? Selective Outsourcing for Efficient Task Management!

Outtasking is a special form of outsourcing. With classic outsourcing, companies hand over complete complexes of tasks and structures to internal or external service providers. On the other hand, with outtasking, the clients only hand over individual areas of responsibility (“tasks”) to service providers. This form of outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular and has numerous advantages over outsourcing.

Many service providers also refer to outtasking as selective outsourcing as management clients. The selective handing over of company tasks can be an entry into the outsourcing of larger projects to external providers. In this way, the company can effectively check the performance and reliability of the service provider. If various areas of responsibility are broken down into sub-tasks, the most capable and most cost-effective service provider can be booked for each sub-area. The client company loses neither process control nor personnel control. Control options and flexibility are what make outtasking so attractive. However, the disadvantage of this way of working is that you have to analyze exactly which work areas are suitable for partial outsourcing. Only with in-depth knowledge of the entire value chain and the individual work processes can work processes and costs be effectively optimized in this way.

Classic company areas for outtasking are, for example, tasks from the areas of internet research, data entry, web design or software development. To reduce costs, outtasking to countries with particularly low wages is popular, and many subtasks are now outsourced to Romania or India. This increases productivity while reducing costs at the same time. Another possibility of outtasking is the outsourcing of all tasks and processes that do not belong to the core business of a company. While specialists take on this work, the company can concentrate entirely on its core competencies. – What is meant by out-tasking? Selective Outsourcing for Efficient Task Management

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