What is a provider? Briefly explained.

The term provider basically includes all service providers who make the use and operation of the Internet possible through their services and offers. For example, it is the task of a service provider to establish the connection to the Internet. Providers who work exclusively in this field are also referred to as Internet Access Providers (IAP). They provide the line capacity and services that the user needs for Internet connectivity.

There are also various other service providers that offer different services related to the Internet. Here we speak of Internet Service Providers (ISP), whose services enable private individuals, organizations and companies to maintain their own Internet presence. The most well-known areas belong to the so-called hosting, i.e. to the accommodation of projects on the Internet. They include, for example, offering domains, server and web hosting and mail hosting. The latter enables the user to write messages in the form of e-mails to other users over the Internet.

Other areas served by some service providers belong to the subject area of so-called housing or colocation. This involves providing a data center for the customer’s servers. The so-called content provider also offers services that are useful for operating a website. For example, he makes editorial and content-related contributions available to his customers. The rental of a so-called content management system (CMS) can also be part of the offer of a content provider. The term Application Service Provider (ASP), on the other hand, describes a provider who makes completely customer-specific applications available on the Internet.

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